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No. You can not use a new Samsung phone with metro PCs because metro PCs does not use a Sim card so therefore u would have to use a metro PCs phone

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Q: Can you use the new Samsung phone with metro pcs?
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What type of phone does Wiz Khalifa have?

Metro pcs samsung g

What phone is better Metro PCS Samsung Finesse or Samsung Caliber?

In my opinion the samsung finesse is better. :)

How do you unlock a metro pcs samsung caliber?

hold the lock key on top of the phone

How do you reset a metro pcs samsung 3.2mega?

A person can reset a Metro PCS Samsung 3.2 Mega by selecting the menu and removing personal settings. This is useful for someone who is trying to resell their phone.

How do you unlocked METRO PCS phone?


Can you deactivate a stolen phone at metro pcs?

How to reprogram a metro phone to put a new number on it

Can you video chat on a metro PCS phone?

Yes. The new metro droid .

How much does it cost to turn a metro phone on with Metro PCS?

It costs $50.00 to turn a metro phone on with metro pcs.

Is there Metro PCS in Chicago?

No, but Metro PCS does have phone coverage in Chicago.

Can you put metro pcs service on a att phone?

Yes you can. The Samsung Infuse is a particular ATT favorite.

Which ATT phone can you use on Metro PCS?

None. You need to have a either an unlocked phone or an actual Metro PCS phone.

Can you connect an i -phone with metro pcs?

can i connect an i phone to a metro service?

How do you unlock a samsung SCH-R350 metro pcs phone?

In order to unlock a samsung SCH-R350 metro pcs phone, one must first connect it to a computer, and by either using specific software or hours fs searching, locate the initial samsung folder and files on the device, and thusly remove them.

What is the best phone in metro pcs?

The newest phone in Metro PCS is The Samsung Craft , it's INCREDIBLE ! but it's $300 , if your looking for something cheaper the samsung Messenger II is very Good too , i had that phone for 2 years ! i loved it i think you should go with that phone and it's not too expensive ! : ) hope this was Helpful .

What phone company is better virgin mobile or metro pcs?

Motorola HTC Samsung and Son. are just some of them.

Does metro pcs have a customer directory?

goes metro pcs have a customer phone directory?

i have an metro pcs cell phone how do i hook it up to my laptop?

i have an metro pcs cell phone how do i hook it up to my laptop

How do you lock my metro pcs phone?

how do i lock my phone

Is Metro PCS going to release the Samsung Galaxy S III?

Only in your dreams, so cancel your metro pcs phone and get at&t. 2 reasons, 1 metro pcs sucks Dick and 2 at&t has the best network and I'm a valued customer :D

How do i change the language on my metro pcs mobile phone?

How do I change language on a pcs phone

Is metro pcs a good company?

Well metro is not that bad company. Well by getting the 50 plan ain't bad oh and it's a good company a new 4g phone is coming soon the name of the phone is samsung craft

Can you buy a non-Metro PCS phone and use it with Metro PCS?

it depends on the serves you try to switch it to

Can you flash a sprint centro palm to metro pcs?

Yes, Metro PCS allows you to flash this phone.

Can you use a metro PCs phone for at and t?


How much is the Samsung Galaxy S 3?

For Metro PCS - 499.00$