Can you use windows mail in Windows 7?

Yes, you can use Windows Mail in Windows 7 but there are some things you need to do first to get it working.

The Windows 7 Windows Mail program file is not active, so Windows Mail will not run from this file. So what you need to do is to delete the Windows Mail program file for Windows 7. And replace it with the Windows Vista Windows Mail program file.

The Windows Mail program file in Windows 7 is locked, and if you try to delete the file, Windows won't let you do it. So you need to download Unlocker which unlocks and deletes any program file.

Then simply delete the Windows Mail program file using Unlocker and empty the Recycle Bin.

Then download and install the Windows Mail program file for Windows Vista.Or if you have a Windows Vista computer you can transfer the Windows Mail program file from your Windows Vista computer to your Windows 7 computer.

Once you have got the Windows Mail program file from Windows Vista onto Windows 7,unzip and extract the files to Programs on C drive. And that's it. Windows Mail is installed and will now work on Windows 7.

The download links are for Windows Mail.

The first link is the Windows Mail zip installer file that will install Windows Mail on Windows 7.

The second link is registry key to set Windows Mail as the default program on Windows 7. Windows Mail will then appear in the default programs menu along with your other Windows programs.

And the third download link is the registry key to enable the Windows Mail splash screen if it becomes disabled.