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No you cannot. The receiver decodes the signal coming from the satellite that is unique to DISH Network.

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Q: Can you use your DVR dish receiver with a cable hook-up?
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Can you record dish with your cable dvr?

No, but if you have Dish you may qualify for a upgrade for a Dish DVR.

Where can I find cheap DVR receivers?

You can receive a low coast DVR receiver from your local cable or satelitte provider.

Which Satellite Receiver's can you record with, like the Tivo does?

Both direct tv and Dish Network offer a DVR tryp receiver.

Why should you get Dish Network instead of cable?

There are pros and cons to having Dish and for having cable. Cable does not have as many channels to choose from or DVR. But, during storms Dish goes out a lot.

Is is possible to watch dish DVR files on another dish dvr?

Yes, as long as it is in your home. Also, it must be connected to one of the two TV's that you are sharing the receiver with. Hope this helps!

Where can I buy an HD DVR receiver?

You can buy an HD DVR receiver straight from your cable provider. You can also find them at electronics stores. They are also available online at websites like

What kind of cable is need to copy programs from a DVR dish network to a compute?

You are not able to transfer the recordings from the DVR receiver to your computer. The programming language used for the receiver is different than that used for computers. You can use an external hard drive connected to your receiver to give you more storage capacity. It's either you use a USB cable or an HDMI cable.

Can you get satellite signal on a second TV?

It has to go through a receiver to be decoded. Both Directv and Dish offer a DVR that is set up in one room but can send the signal to another room without a wire hookup. Both TV's can be viewed at the same time even on different channels. Anything recorded on the DVR can also be watched from either TV.

Does Dish DVR work when the satellite is out?

No, the cable will not work when the satellite is out. The satellite is what brings you the picture. If you are concerned about the satellite, I would stay with cable.

Can you use a dish dvr without a subcription as just a regular dvr?

No. In order to use a Dish Dvr, you need to have an active Dish account.

How much does it cost for an extra receiver for dish network?

If you are referring to the monthly cost it would be dependent upon what type of receiver for example; high definition or standard definition, DVR capability or no DVR, single receiver or duo receiver. Currently, the charge for a additional receiver based upon capability, can cost any where from $7/mnth up to $17/mnth.

Does Dish Network vip722 require a phone hookup if you do not plan om using PPV or caller ID?

Dish waived a $5 per month fee for my SD model 510 DVR if it was connected to a phone line continuously.