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Yes... you can use your Xbox if you take it to your friends house. You can also use your profile on his Xbox uses the Recover gamertag option of on the 2011 xbox the Download Profile option.

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Q: Can you use your Xbox and Xbox live at another address?
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What to do if xbox live account is permentantly suspended?

You are allowed to create another account if you obide by the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct and Xbox LIVE Terms of Use.

Can i use my Xbox live on Xbox one?

Yes, you can use your Xbox Live account on your new Xbox One.

How do you get someones ip address from their Xbox live account?

You need a packet network sniffer in wich you can use the network your xbox live is connected to and get the outputs of the gamers your playing withs Ips

How do you use a headseat for Xbox not Xbox live?

You dont the xbox mic was meant to be used with xbox live.

What Xbox 360 is the best for Xbox live?

I don't understand your question. Which Xbox 360 you use has nothing to do about Xbox LIVE. The only thing that matters for Xbox LIVE is your internet connection.

Can you use a Xbox live account for original Xbox?


Can you only use Lt minh young kim on xbox live?

You need xbox live to get him, but you don't need it to use him

Can you use Xbox Live on a Arcade Xbox 360?

yes I've got an arcade and xbox live works fine

Do you need to have xbox live to use Netflix?

Yes, once you have xbox live you can download Netflix for free and set up an account or use a preexisting one.

Do you have to have wireless internet to use Xbox live with new Xbox?

NO you can also use wired

What happens to hackers on halo?

If they use a glitch or cheat on Xbox live, they can get kicked out of Xbox live.

Can you use your laptop as a wireless network adapter for Xbox live?

Yes, it is possible to use a laptop as a wireless bridge for xbox live.