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Of course.

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Q: Can you use your hairdryer in Egypt?
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What types of energy does a hairdryer use?

The hairdryer usually use the electrical energy. When heated, the hairdryer will convert electrical energy to heat energy which can then be used for hair drying.

Can you use a hairdryer on a mannequin?

Not recommended.

Can you use your English hairdryer in the US?

Yes, you can use an English hairdryer in the US as long as it is compatible with the US voltage. You will need a plug adapter or a voltage converter to ensure safe use.

How much energy does a hairdryer use?

What does it mean when you and this guy have a hairdryer fight?

unless yall r brother sis...... what kind of guy doesnt let a girl use the hairdryer?

What happens to the water on the wet hair when you use a hairdryer?

The water evaporates it is heat up by hairdryer and it turn into gas. called water vapor/

How do you dry a shih tzu?

Simple, you just use a hairdryer :)

Will there be a tornado if you use a hairdryer on a cold night?

No. A hairdryer produces such a small amount of heat that it will not affect the weather. Nothing you can do could ever cause or prevent a tornado.

What effect does a electric hairdryer use to blow air?

Heating effect

What do you use to dry off after a shower?

You use a towel to dry your body then use a hairdryer to dry hair.

What was the first hairdryer?

The first hairdryer was called the BLOWJOB.

What color is Justin Bieber's hairdryer?

I saw his PINK hairdryer