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No you can not. United Airlines is part of Star Alliance and Delta is part of Skyteam. They are competitors.

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Which American Airlines are the best for booking vacations?

The best American airlines for booking vacations are Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines and American Airlines. If you want to book on call then call at 1800-953-8509. Other notable American airlines are Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines and US Airways.

Where can someone purchase United Airlines tickets?

United Airlines tickets can be purchased at both the airport and the United Airlines official website. United Airlines tickets can also be purchased online on various vacation booking websites.

What is the contact for United Airlines UK?

Well, there are many ways to contact United Airlines for flight ticket booking or you can call the travel agent +1(1888) 564-5222 for instantly flight booking.

Is Ted Airlines a branch of United Airlines?

Yes, Ted airlines is part of United airlines but it's a smaller branch of United airlines.

What United States airlines offer flights to Orlando?

United States Airlines that offer flights to Orlando include Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Frontier Airlines.

Are united airlines and Delta Airlines partners?

list of united airlines partners

What airlines operate for the United Nations?

American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Allegiant Air, US Airways, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Virgin America

Is United Airlines partnered with Delta Airlines?

No, Delta Airlines is in the Skyteam alliance. United Airlines is in Star Alliance.

What are some popular airlines in the United States of America?

There are a number of popular airlines in the United States of America. for example, United, American, Continental, and Southwest are all popular airlines.

What is the phone number of United Airlines in Portland Oregon?

The individual airlines do not take calls at PDX. There is no number.

What airlines fly to Amarillo tx?

American Airlines United Airlines Southwest Airlines

United airlines phone number denver airport?

go to the contact info on united airlines official site at united . com for reservations costumer care and other services needed from united airlines

Which airlines allow children to fly alone?

American Airlines Southwest Airlines Delta Airlines Spirit airlines Alsaka Airlines United Airlines Air Canada Airlines

What is the flight number for 9-11?

American Airlines Flight 11 N334AAUnited Airlines Flight 175 N612UAAmerican Airlines Flight 77 N644AAUnited Airlines Flight 93 N591UA

What are Some Major US Airlines?

United Airlines Delta Airlines Southwest Airlines US Airways American Airlines Alaska Airlines JetBlue Frontier Airlines

What other airlines are affiliated with United?

what airlines is United affiliated with

When was United Airlines created?

United Airlines was created in 1934.

How can one passenger check in online on the United Airlines flights?

A passenger is able to check in online for a flight with a flight with United Airlines using their confirmation number they received when booking their flight. They could also print off their boarding passes for ease of convenience.

What airlines service the Tulsa airport?

The Tulsa Airport has several airlines servicing it. These include American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.

What country does the United Airlines belong to?

United Airlines is an American company.

Is United Airlines huge?

Yes, United Airlines is very huge.

Who is the president of united airlines?

Jeff Smisek is the President of United Airlines.

Where is united airlines headquarters?

United Airlines headquarters is in Chicago Illinois.

What are the united airlines exactly?

United Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world. It is part of the company, United Continental Holdings and is based in the United States.

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