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It will depend on the state. In Georgia, a person who is on probation is allowed to visit an inmate in jail, however, in order for a probationer to visit an inmate in prison, the inmate would need to write and request to see the Warden to ask if a person on probation would be authorized to visit the prisoner. Years ago a person on probation did not have a problem visiting an inmate in prison, but they have changed this. If there is a question as to who is able to visit, it's always best to have the inmate/prisoner request to see the Warden and ask the Warden. Unless the inmate/prisoner causes a lot of problems, then the Warden SHOULD approve it.

Hope this helps ~ I'm not sure when you asked this question.

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Q: Can you visit an inmate in jail if they are on probation?
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Can you visit an inmate if your on probation?

It is possible but unlikely. A condition common to all probation and parole is no contact with other felons. The only situation with which I am familiar where a probee or parolee was able to visit an inmate in a county jail or prison was when a family relationship existed.

What is called when an inmate doesn't break the law but don't follow terms of probation?

It is known as a "Violation of Probation."But an inmate (meaning someone who is IN jail/prison) cannot be on probation. Probation begins after they are released.

In California can you visit someone in jail if you are on informal probation?

In california can you visit someone in prison if you are on informal probation

Can someone with a felony visit an inmate in the county jail?


Can someone on probation visit someone in county jail?

With the permission of your probation officer it is possible, provided the policies of the jail permit it.

What does it mean when an inmate has an inmate hold on them?

It means he or she has a detainer or some other lean against them that will stop them from getting released and remain in jail. For example: your probation officer says you did not follow the rules of the probation so he gets an INMATE HOLD put on you until you go into court to see the judge who puts you on the probation.

What do i do to give and inmate money on Jay Pay ?

Visit and set up an account to sent money to an inmate in jail.

What is the maximum jail time for a probation violation?

Some inmates have served for life, after a probation violation. This is due to the fact that they have murdered another inmate while in jail, and then have received the maximum sentence. (From a technical standpoint, not all time is subsequently served in jail, on a life sentence. It is almost always the case, that the inmate is then transferred to prison.) And, to answer the original question, it depends on the type of probation violation (e.g. minor probation violation vs. rape or murder) and on what the original crime and sentence was.

Can you still visit an inmate if you have a record how bad or little does your crime has to be?

Inmate visiting policies are determined by each jail or prison facility. You will have to check with the institution you wish to visit to understand their policies.

Is it possible for a probation officer to be married to an inmate?

It is possible for a probation officer to be married to an inmate. This is legally acceptable as long as it does not interfere with the probation period in any way.

Who should an inmate talk to about federal probation relocation?

His probation officer.

If you have a warrant when you finally get arrested do you have to get on probation?

Probation or jail, or jail and then probation, it depends upon the judge.

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