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yes but u have to rent out the whole top of the building it is mainly used for large groups.


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Wrigley Field First Night Game TicketThe August 8, 1988 Chicago Cubs full ticket for the first Night game played at Wrigley Field has a book value of $100.00 -$150.00 in Excellent - Near Mint condition. Condition is important. Rips, crease, stains and fading could bring the price down significantly. With ticket stubs if the stub was not torn cleanly it will effect the price as will if the stub was stapled to a program (holes) which was a common practice.

Wrigley Field actually doesnt have a future... due to a mass loss of interest in the Chicago Cubs after fans finally came to terms with the fact that the Cubs will never win the world series again, and the the fact that the White Sox are, in general, an all together better team. It is hoped that Wrigley Field will be knocked down some time in the near future to make room for a White Sox superfan memorabilia store.

No. Wrigley field is on the near-north side of Chicago on Addison street and Sheffield avenues.

Nowhere near as rich as he was as a younger man. Weeghman sold the Cubs to William Wrigley, Jr. due to large debts and having to declare bankruptcy because his fast food chain went under.

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The willows hotel free wifi, hot and free breakfast not overly expensive and walking distance to wrigley field. Also you should try the hiltons in the area.

The area surrounding wrigley Field is one of the most exspensivein the Chicago Area. You can expect too pay about $1000 per month for a studio apartment.

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1948 Chicago Cubs YearbookThe 1948 Chicago Cubs Yearbook with the Cubs Logo and Blue cover has a book value of $100.00 - $150.00 . in near/mint condition.Condition is very important in getting a price anywhere near this price. Common flaws with yearbooks would be staining, foxing (yellowing), fading color, stains, creases, rips, loose pages, cracked binding, and writing on the cover.

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2 Hours before the game. I would suggest going near the rays dugout and staying there and when players come out they will probably sign

On the floor in the quad near lexxor's

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