Can you wear a jockstrap with boardshorts?

Yes, you can wear a jockstrap with your boardshorts. You can wear jocks under any clothing. For swimming purposes you can purchase "swim" style jockstraps which have a thinner waist band making it easier.


I think the swimmer style jocks are more comfortable, and they can be a good call to wear under your board shorts.


Try the new Bike jocks. The waistband is bigger than a swim style jock but smaller than a old style jock. I surf wit it and its good.


You can were a jock under anything, including board shorts or you can "free ball" if you want. I would wear a swimmer style jockstrap, the waistband is narrower. Just my preference.


Check out helo shorts to wear under boardshorts. I get good support, and they're mad comfortable. Plus they dry out super fast which is clutch.