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no but yes because there soccer shoes

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Q: Can you wear turf soccer shoes casual?
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Can you wear turf shoes in Outside soccer?

Yes, you may wear turf shoes for outdoor soccer. However, the decision is ultimately up to the referee.

What kind of soccer shoes should you wear on a turf field?

turf sheso

Can you wear soccer shoes for track?

Not really its best to keep them on turf or they'll get scrapped up :)

What shoes can you wear for indoor soccer?

any shoes, plastic cleats, tennis shoes, etc. but the most common and the one with the best traction is turf shoes Indoor soccer is usually played inside a gym with hardwood flooring. Also, indoor soccer can be played in gyms with turf- like carpeting. Tennis shoes or sneakers are preferred, yet indoor soccer shoes are the best bet. Do not wear shoes with marking soles or shoes with heels. There are specialized indoor soccer shoes you can find at specialized soccer or sports stores. The link below is for an online store selling indoor soccer shoes if you would like to see an example of one or even buy one.

Can you wear your indoor soccer shoes as regular shoes?

Yes you can just make sure they aren't the turf ones because those will have rubber cleat type things on them

Why do you have to wear soccer shoes in soccer?

because if you wear other shoes , it will not fit to the game . For example , if you play soccer with basketball shoes , you will be hard to chase the ball . :)

Moccasin-like shoes for casual wear?


What is the best way to wear white casual shoes?

on your feet:)

Can you wear casual black shoes with black slacks?

you can wear whatever you want but personally no!!

What footwear should you use for field hockey?

You should wear cleats to play field hockey if you are playing on a grass field. If you are playing indoors you should wear sneakers. If you are on artificial turf you should wear turf shoes and if you don't have turf shoes you should wear sneakers. But sneakers wouldn't be a good idea because you slide EVERYWHERE.

What are astro turf trainers?

Astro turf trainers are shoes that most footballers wear on astro turf. I think you can also wear astro trainers on other floors. You can find astro trainers in a sports shop.

What shoes do Sheldon Cooper wear?

Brown Red Tape Leather Double Riptape Casual Shoes

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