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Yes, they can deny a claim. Check your policy for any reference to change of address or location. If you failed to meet the requirements (notification within a certain number of days of moving) they could consider you in violation of the policy and deny the claim.

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If a wife changes her drivers license to another state from her husband's can she still be listed on the original vehicle registration and insurance with her husband?

Yes. The DMV of the state the vehicle is registered in will need to be notified to include both individuals and addresses as registered owners of the vehicle, and the insurance will need her new address, as well as which address the vehicle will be stored at.

Can you insure a vehicle that is registered in someone elses name?

This can probably vary from state to state. I was able to add a car registered in my bosses name on my insurance, but he had to listed as another driver. Sometimes the registered person will have to be added to your insurance policy. It may also vary by insurance carrier. your best solution is to call your insurance company and ask them their policy on this or when callin to get insurance quotes - ask.

Can you be insured in one state and registered in another?

Yes, you can be, but you need to have insurance and registration in the state you reside.

Can you loan your car to your sibling in another state if it is registered financed and insured in your name?

Depends on your insurance company.

You are in the military Can a vehicle be registered in one state but insured in another?

That question doesn't really make sense. Yes your vehicle can be registered anywhere you have place of residency but uhh insurance is who ever your insurance company is IE. USAA, State Farm.....

How can your access your iTunes account from another computer?

To access your iTunes account you need to enter the registered email address and password.

Do you have to have the same address as what says on your license to get insurance?

You need to use the address on your registration, not license. Whether the address on your license has to be the one on your registration is another question. I believe you are allowed to list one address as your "primary residence" and another as a "secondary." However, if you've moved away from that address (as opposed to perhaps having gone away from school, leaving parents behind there), it's fraud to continue using that address for insurance.

Can you continue to keep one state's auto insurance and move to another state?

If you change your registration to that state, you'll have to change your insurance with it. Keeping your car registered in a state where you do not reside can result in your policy being cancelled, or you getting a ticket for not having your car registered where you reside. (Especially if you get into an accident.)

How do you get insurance if you are the primary driver for a car registered in your parent's name in another state?

You should be able to get insurance on the car no matter who it is registered to. If the company asks paperwork all you should have to do is tell them its in your parents name. Everytime I've gotten insurance I don't think I've ever had anyone ask for more than the VIN number and a car inspection and money.

Is it legal to reside in one state and have automobile insurance in another?

No. Your insurance carrier needs to know where you are driving the vehicle most. It is called insurance fraud to live in one state, but have coverage somewhere else. Now if your insurance company is located in another state, but they know where you are and have your address updated, then it is okay.

You cancelled your bebo account and you tried to sign up again but it says that your email address is already registered what can i do?

create another new email address and use it for the new account you want to make...

Does homeowner insurance cover theft on other address?

Usually as long as A). The item stolen is owned by the policyholder, B). The item was not stolen on another property owned by the policyholder that does not have insurance.

Another word for recently?

recently = lately

Whose insurance pays if you are driving another persons car do some damage to the car and they are not with you?

the car owners insurance The person driving the car would need to submit a claim to their insurance company. There are a few insurance companies that will cover not only the registered owner but anyone driving the car, however this is not usually the case.

If you are moving to another state how can you change your automobile insurance?

If your insurance company is a nationwide company, simply update your address with them. If it is a smaller company that does not have coverage where you are moving to, then find a new insurance carrier where you are moving to, then cancel your old one.

I am going to school out of state got a license in that state but have a car registered in my name from another state does that mean you need to get a new vehicle tag and insurance from that state?

well i think you might need to change your insurance but not the tags necessarilly

If you have insurance on a car and you receive a another car as a gift do you need the title to the old car in order to get it insured?

Yes, there must be an insureable interest! Registered owner is always responsible

Can you take the PA road test in a car registered in another state?

Yes you can . just make sure you have insurance coverage . I moved to Pa from Ohio and it was no problem . Hope this helped

Where is Insurance Depot located?

"Insurance Depot has many different locations, one is in Dallas, Texas and another Insurance Depot is located at the following address in Arizona: 22243 South Ellsworth Road, Queen Creek, AZ 85142-9501."

Why when creating a Rune Scape account would the email address be dismissed as taken or in use?

Perhaps you registered another account in the past with that address, then forgot. Or someone else in your family, if you share an email address. Just use a different email address; it is fairly easy (and free) to get more than one email address.

Can you remove a child from your insurance if his car is registered to his father and insured in another state and he doesn't drive your car?

Yes you can, Ask your insurance company for a Named Driver Exclusion. This will allow your child to stay on your policy(just in case) with out being charged for that child!

Do I have to show proof of insurance if my car was parked when it was hit by another person?

Yes, if the vehicle is registered, in most states, you must have it insured. If the officer asks for proof of insurance, you are required to show it to him. If you do not have it, he may issue you a ticket. It does not matter if the car was in motion or parked.

Does your daughter who attends college in another state and does not have a car have to give up her license if you do not include her on your auto insurance policy?

No, She only needs insurance if she is driving. She does not have to give up her license if she is only attending school in another state. The state of issue is still her state of residence. The address she uses while attending the school is only a temporary address.

Can you buy car insurance in one state for a car that is currently registered in a different state?

Yes, it is very common, Whenever you move from one state to another you will need to pick up a new insurance policy unless your Insurance Company is a national insurer and then you can register your vehicle in your new state of residence.

Can you live in one state and have your car registered in another state?

Yes, if you can provide an address supported by utility bills under your name. Most states permit you up to a year to change your vehicle registration. If you do not have a residence in the state where your car is registered, you are violating the law.

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