Can zyan malik speak urdu

Updated: 12/2/2022
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Q: Can zyan malik speak urdu
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When is zyan malik's birthday?

it's Zayn NOT Zyan his birthday is Jan. 12,1993

Is zyan malik a christian?

No, He's a Muslim

Is Zyan Malik dating Alexandra Stan?


Who is Zyan?

Zayn Malik is an cute guy from the band one dirction :)

What primary school did zyan malik attend?

mesty croft acadamy

What is zyan makil favorite color?

ZAYN MALIK'S favorite color is blue.

Did Zyan Malik break up from Samantha Urbani or were they never dating?

they never dated

Does Zayn Malik speak Arabic?

Zayn can speak English, Urdu, and he can read not sure but since his father is from pakistan he must speak in urdu but since he a singer he has to speak in english and sing in english

What has the author Parveen Malik written?

Parveen Malik has written: 'Spoken Urdu (Hindustani)' 'A pictorial Urdu-English dictionary'

Does zyan Malik have kik?

Yes he does. I have talked to him before. He is a really nice guy so the answer is yes.

Is Samantha Urbani still dating Zyan Malik?

No, Zayn Malik is dating Perrie Edwards from Little Mix as of December 2011. They are now engaged.

Why do Muslim speak urdu?

Muslims speak Urdu if they are originally, or their anscestors, are from countries where Urdu is the primary language. Not all Muslims speak Urdu.