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Replace universal joint on rear of driveshaft

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โˆ™ 2009-04-01 22:20:50
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Q: Car makes a banging sound and shakes in rear of car?
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What makes a banging or knocking noise by the rear tire?

I think you may have a problem with your shock absorbers in your rear tire, mate. either that or you have somethinf caught on your wheel, or there a pebbles in your hubdcap.

On your 318is there is a wheel bearing gone in the rear would it make banging noises?

Inspect the rear top shock mounts.

What makes a banging or knocking noise by the rear of the when turning left only?

maybe the flap obove the left weel has com loose something youv left in te boot and forgotten about

What makes clicking sound in rear wheels after braking and then moving ahead slowly?

Chances are you have a rock(S) stuck in your rear tire tread. pry it out.

What makes the big clunk sound in the rear end when you accelerate after breaking?

Possibly a worn out universal joint.

What is causing an 88 Jeep Cherokee to make a Banging noise in the rear passenger area it isn't the driveshaft it was checked already.?

check the exhaust system for loose mounting clamps. Check the shock, springs, and bushings. also check the gas tank straps. If the banging is when the gears are changed from park to reverse, recheck the u-joints, at the ends of the drive shaft. Brakes can sometimes make a banging noise. if not these then look for loose nuts, bolt in the area of the noise. then the sound may be coming directly from the the rear end or the transmission. hope it helps. duboff

1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rear end shakes?

Bad tire? Bent rim?

What could cause a loud banging noise from under the rear of the vehicle?

back struts are bad or exhaust is loose

What could be causing a continuous banging noise coming from the right rear wheel when driving?

have you checked your car for aliens?

What sound does hippos makes?

yawn, scoop water with its mouth, shake its head, rear up, lunge, roar, grunt, chase, and make a loud wheezing sound…………………!!!!!!!

What does it mean when your rear of your car shakes and squeeks when drivings?

Something is out of balance or possibly a wheel bearing.

When there are passengers in the backseat or things in the trunk of the car it makes a squeaking sound in the rear of the car when going over bumps or dips what could this be?

Defective rear shocks. Loose exhaust components.

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