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were any plug wires or vacuum lines accidently disconnected? Check to insure the filter is the right size for your vehicle. If the filter doesn't fit properly, air can enter the system which changes the pressure and/or velocity of the air system. Sometimes the replacement of the air filter can involve movement of the intake hose from the filter to the carb/plenum. All components from the filter to the intake manifold have to be tight. Check all hoses and clamps. If you removed something, you may want to remove it again and reinstall it to ensure the components are fitting TIGHT. The change to a new filter changes the vacuum (stronger w/new filter) supplied to vacuum hoses which are designed to operate other devices. Obviously, the problem is Air Intake or vacuum, Electrical, OR Fuel. If the plug wires are down tight but the "buttons" on the top of the spark plug are loose, then maybe a piston is not being ignited for combustion of the fuel and air mixture. Sometimes when removing a dirty filter, there is debris still left in the filter container that can interfere with sensors downstream. A weak possibility exists that the Manifold Air Flow (MAF) sensor is dirty. It requires a special cleaner because carb/throttle-body cleaner will destroy it. Another possibility is if you adjusted the air-breathing properties of the fuel-air mixture with the dirty filter in place. It could cause a person to adjust screws to allow more air than normal and when the new filter is intalled, the pistons are seeing too much air for the amount of fuel dispensed by the injectors.

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Q: Car shakes after replacing dirty fuel filter?
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Why car runs for 2 minutes only?

Could be as simple as a very dirty fuel filter. I would start with replacing the fuel filter.

Does a dirty fuel filter mess up fuel injectors?

A dirty/plugged fuel filter is like tying a knot in your fuel line.

Why do I have low mpg on my civic ex?

fuel filter needs replacing, injectors clogged, air filter dirty, spark plugs dirty. Try sea foam for a all around engine cleaning!

How do you get a 2009 npr started after replacing fuel filter?

To get the 2009 NPR started after replacing the fuel filter, simply start the engine.

Why would a 1999 Chrysler Town and Country van stop running while driving but start again after 5 minutes?

Could be a very dirty fuel filter or a failing fuel pump. Try replacing the fuel filter first.

How to switch off the fuel filter light after replacing the fuel filter?

Owner's manual.

Do you have change fuel pump when replacing fuel filter?

No, not if the pump is working.

Will the fuel line leak a large amount of fuel when replacing the fuel filter?

There is a fair amount of fuel that will leak when changing the filter.

Why would a fuel injection bike bog down?

Bad fuel, dirt in the fuel filter, dirty air filter.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2005 Honda Accord EX?

The fuel filter is located inside the fuel tank and is a permanent filter that does not need replacing.

What are fuel filter?

Fuel filters are placed in the fuel line between the gas tank & the engine, what the fuel filter does is it filters out the dirt rust & all the other crap in the fuel & fuel tank If you don't have a fuel filter or have a dirty one it will destroy your whole fuel system , " Fuel line, fuel pump, fuel injectors, engine, replacing a bad fuel filter is the difference between a $5.00 trip to the auto store & a $4000.00 - $6000.00 trip to the auto shop !!!

How do you replace in-tank fuel filter in Camry 2001?

This filter is a permanent filter and should only be replaced when replacing the fuel pump.

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