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There are several reasons that a car may stall only in reverse, the best way to narrow down the issue is to use a diagnostic tool. The diagnostic tool will show which sensors on the transmission may be malfunctioning enough to stall the engine.

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Q: Car stall in reverse gear only?
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Why would a car stall in drive but not in reverse?

Because reverse is a lower ratio gear than drive and puts less load on the engine.

Can you stall or is it just harder to stall a manual car while driving at speeds over 40?

It depends on the gearing of the car. If you are in the highest gear and 40mph in that gear is under the idle rpm of that car than you will stall.

What causes an automatic transmission not to idle?

If you mean each time you engage car in any gear forward or reverse & it immediately stalls - you have a bad torque converter. Start engine, put foot on brake, put car in NEUTRAL, if it DOES NOT stall, but it does stall if you repeat this test when you put car in drive or reverse = bad torque converter - It's called a "stall test"

What does it mean when your car does not reverse at all?

Its not in reverse gear.

Why is your 94 Ford Escort Wagon vibrating while you put it in reverse or drive?

check the idle speed with the car in gear, if it has a tac on the dash it should idle in gear at about 700 rpm if its too low the car will vibrate or stall.

Why does car shake and stall?

Travelling to slow in a high gear, so clutch in and lower the gear.

Why would a car stall shifting from park to reverse?

A car might stall when shifting from park to reverse if the idle is set too low. It is also possible that the engine stalls because it is not fully warmed up before shifting from park to reverse.

Why would your car run hard in reverse?

because there is no further GEAR in reverse.

what happen when you put a car in reverse gear?

the car goes back

Why does my car die when I put it in reverse?

Sometimes the torquconverter can fail causing the engin to stall. In reverse it lock in full torqu. In fwd gears it slips. This is only one idea.

Why would a car only stall in reverse?

I'm no mechanic, BUT that happened on my Taurus when the fuel pump was not functioning properly. Best to take it in.

Why would a car reverse in first and second gear and go forward in reverse gear?

Shift linkages not put in the correct spots.

1994 s500 Mercedes gear module reverse problems Only when the car is warm if you use reverse it's very slow to catch in gear and when it does the car mkoves very slow. no matter how much you pressgas?

You have a serious transmission problem. Have it checked ASAP...

What makes a car stall and not go in gear when the engine is cold?

Check your transmission fluid level and also if the gear chamber is not well greased then it will make them stick causing the vehicle to stall.

Why would a car stall in reverse?

This happened to me on a 1986 cutlass 2.5. A wire was shorting out going to the map sensor and only did it in reverse. The bracket on the alternator had rubbed a hole and only grounded when the motor moved, when placed in reverse. I fixed it temporary with electrical tape.

What is the problem when a car won't go into reverse?

Manual transmission only: Probably broke your reverse gear or grind up the gear to much and it won't go into gear. Could need a new clutch or thrust bearing does it crunch trying to get it into gear if yes then its probably the clutch

Why won't my car go in reverse?

Tranny is shot.The reverse gear in your transmission had burned out

When do you use drive in a standard transmission car?

There is no drive in a standard transmission car. In most cases you will have reverse, neutral, 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, 4th gear, and 5th gear.

Who designed the first car with a reverse gear?

Filippo Brunelleschi

Can the speedometer of car show the speed in reverse gear?

yes it can

What does the letter R stand for in a gear box of a car?


What was the first car to have a reverse gear?

model t ford

When you back up you car you should?

Select reverse gear.

If you are driving a car in 5th gear and you want to come down to 4th gear If by mistake you went in reverse gear is it possible Pl clarify if there is any locking for reverse gear to avoid accident?

It is not possible unless you are driving a very very old car. The reverse gear is mechanically blocked by a synchronizer to prevent exactly this kind of thing.

What happens when you put your car in reverse while the engine is off?

It goes into reverse gear, nothing else.