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You can purchase a salve at the feed store or pet store that can be used on cow utters. This is great to use on dogs also.

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Q: Care for dog nipples after she has given birth?
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How tell if a dog has recently given birth?

if her nipples are sagging really low.

How does a mother Sausage dog care for her young?

They suckle from their nipples underneath there tummmy :)

What does it mean when dog nipples leak milk?

She is pregnant and not far from giving birth

Can a dog have nipples?

yes, my dog has nipples

What is the discharge from dogs nipples?

The discharge from a dog's nipples may be milk or colostrum. Dogs can produce milk after giving birth to feed their litter.

Your dog has 2 swollen nipples after giving birth but the others are fine is this normal?

well i am not sure but i think it is normal because my dog had pupps and she was fine my friend's dogs nipples were swollen !

How to care for dog nipples after birth?

Usually a dogs nipples shouldn't need any care, you can clean the nipples with a wet wash cloth to keep it clean but that's about it. When the puppies start getting teeth they may start causing some wounds, when that happens just put some iodine or neosporin on it. Iodine is preferred because it dries up where neosporin just sits there.

How long after giving birth do a dog's nipples remain prominent?

They will remain prominent for at least 6 to 7 months. Some dog's nipples stay prominent. This is especially true of dogs that have bred multiple times.

What makes a dog a mammal?

A dog gives birth to live young, has feeding nipples, and has hair . These are all mammalian characteristics.

How many nibbles do dogs have?

Nipples. Not Nibbles. Nipples. A dog has eight to ten nipples.

What do you do after your dog has given birth?

There will be a covering of wet stuffs and you clean it off with the mother dog

When can you take your female dog a shower after she has given birth?

About 2 weeks after birth of puppies.

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