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Are you asking if you can get infected with a needle that has infected dry blood on it? if so to answer ur question, No. The virus dies within hours of exposure to air and when the blood dries out the virus dies with it. Only if it was highly contaminated and very very recent after the blood dried there could be a chance of infection, but close to zero.

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How come if it takes a lot of blood to catch HIV you can catch it by sharing a needle?

It doesn't take a lot of blood to catch HIV ! A single drop of infected blood is enough !

Can you catch hiv of dried blood on cup if consumed?

If the blood is dry, the HIV virus is dead; unlike other viruses such as HBV (hepatitis B).

How likely is it to get HIV from needle prick?

If the fluid in the needle (I assume blood) does not contain the HIV virus, it is impossible to get HIV from the needle stick. If the blood in the needle is infected with HIV, then there is a fair chance the virus will be transmitted.

How do women catch aids and hiv?

Women and men get HIV from sex with an infected partner; needle sharing; needle injury; infected blood products; or birth to an infected mother.

Can you catch HIV from a cut?

You might catch HIV from a cut. If you get blood from someone with HIV in your cut then you can catch HIV.

Can you be infected with HIV by just touching a needle?

If the needle has the residue of someone who was infected with HIV/AIDS's blood on it, and the needle goes under your skin and into your blood, then yes. However, unless you're punctured by the needle, you can't be infected with HIV.

Can dried blood transmit hiv?


How long can HIV last in dried blood?

then blood has dried,iHIV would die!!!

Can hiv be contracted in dried blood?


What is a false positive on a blood test for hiv?

if your partner is clean and the only needle used is for insulin which is a clean needle every time can you get hiv from this? and also what is a false positive for blood work for hiv

Can you get HIV from a sewing needle?

yes you can but only if it has been used on someone else who has hiv and molecules of their blood on the needle still remain and is inserted into your blood stream

Can you get AIDS by sharing a tattoo needle?

no, You get Aid's when Your Blood is toutched by someone elses HIV blood. so Unless they did that needle right into your arm, i doubt that you would get HIV

What is the Survivability of HIV virus?

The HIV virus dies when exposed to the air, so dried blood and dried semen are perfectly safe.

Why is it bad to inject yourself with a needle used by someone else?

Because you might catch an infection, HIV is a blood transmitted infection for example.

Can I catch HIV by washing clothing with dried blood on it?

If the blood on the clothing has been exposed to air and has solidified, then there is zero chance of you becoming infected. Strange as it may seem, air is the most efficient means of killing HIV - so once it is exposed to air, HIV can only survive for a matter of minutes. The only circumstances in which HIV will survive outside of the body is if it is kept warm and moist in some sort of airtight container .. such as a syringe / hypodermic needle.

You see this injection needle lying on the grass you pick it up is it possible to be infected with hiv?

HIV is spread through blood and sexual fluids. If the needle had blood or sexual fluids that contained HIV and it came in contact with YOUR blood or sexual fluids (i.e. if you pricked your finger with it), then yes, it is possible that HIV spread.

Can you catch HIV from dried blood that is on a wall if you accidentally touch it and your fingers go in your mouth?

no because the aids virus wont survive that long outside the body and besides you said the blood was dried that mean the viruses been dead longmtime

Can you become infected with HIV by a sewing needle prick?

well it depends if the person with the HIV have their blood on the needle &nd yuh cut yous self with the same needle yes theres a possiable chance.

Does HIV stay alive in dried blood?

HIV will not survive long outside the body; in most cases if the blood is completely dry, the virus is dead.

Will cold kill HIV?

The HIV virus will die immediately it is exposed to the air. So there is no danger from dried blood or dried semen. Cold will not kill HIV. It actually stabilizes it. If stored at extremely low temperatures, HIV can "live" for months.

Can you catch HIV from wet blood on surfaces?

Only if it enters your blood stream.

What Aer three ways HIV can be spread?

Blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk. However, HIV that was present in blood that dried (+hours), is not transmittable.

Is HIV transmitted from a non contaminated needle?

If the needle isn't contaminated with HIV, then it can't transmit HIV.

You shared a needle with someone who has HIV will you get HIV?

Very, very high risk of getting one, but if the needle is just sitting there for a long time, probably the risk lowers because HIV needs white blood cells to live.

Can you get HIV by giving blood?

If a clean needle is used (That hasn't been use before) no