Cause of lower right abdominal pain?

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could be appendix or obstruction or pulled muscle - SEE A DOCTOR
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What could be a pain in your right abdominal lower side if you are pregnant?

Pains in you abdomen are common in pregnancy. I am a mother of four healthy beautifu children... but carrying theM was painful! As your stomach begins to expand and stretch to accomodate the little person inside of you, your own muscles are being stretched beyond their limits. this can be painful. I ( Full Answer )

What is the nature of the lower abdominal pain caused by Ibuprofen?

It is a irritation of the lower bowel's walls. The medication has a acidic base, so it sometimes inflames the intestinal tissues.. it can also indicate internal bleeding, even if you are not seeing blood in your stool. a very simple test can be done in your MD's office to detect the presence of blo ( Full Answer )

What is could cause a sharp shooting pain in the lower abdominal of a women?

I don't know for sure, but I've been having the same problem, it's a real sharp shooting pain in the lower right hand side, and it shoots downwards. I have frequent UTI's so I'm thinking that I probably have another one and that's what's causing my pain. I'm drinking lots of cranberry juice and it s ( Full Answer )

What causes abdominal pain after exercise?

You may want to look at the site provided in related links. It has great insight as to why you get those lower ab pains, discussing at length GI pains in athletes.

What would cause lower back pain and abdominal pain?

Well, unless you're dead after writing the question, it's not an aneurysm. A disk herniation at L4/5 can cause radiating pain both in the anterior and posterior (front and back) parts of the body. What it feels like is dull pain in the abdomen and groin area, with sharp pain in the lower back. ( Full Answer )

What causes lower back pain and lower abdominal pain on the left side?

Answer If the pain is constant and/or you are running a temperature, give your doctor a call. There really isn't anyway to diagnose on a website. . Answer . gullbladder infection. For start of, its GALLBLADDER. And second its not. I had mine taken out YEARS ago when I was quite young & I ha ( Full Answer )

What causes lower back pain on left side and swelling in lower abdomin with slight pain on left side of belly button?

\nIf it hurts more with bending and twisting, it is most likely muscle-related.\n. \nIt it hurts when someone pushes on your abdomen, but not when you bend or twist, then it is more apt to be internal.\n. \nThere are hernias that can cause a bulging in the area you indicate, but I doubt that a her ( Full Answer )

What causes fainting and abdominal pain?

There are many conditions that can cause fainting and abdominalpain. Some of these include dehydration, food poisoning, anxietydisorders, ulcers, kidney stone, pancreatitis and an ectopicpregnancy.

Does constipation cause lower abdominal pains?

Answer . Yes it can. Eat more leafy greens such as spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, legumes (beans) nuts, etc. Drink plenty of water and stay away from dairy products until you are on a regular routine of bowel movements. If you haven't had a bowel movement in 3 - 4 days it's advisable you see ( Full Answer )

What causes upper abdominal pain?

there are many things which causes upper abdominal pain such as pyelonephritis, pancreatitis, a left kidney stone, peptic ulcer, shingles etc. but if it gets severe i advice you to consult a doctor.

What causes abdominal pains?

There are so many different things that can cause abdominal painsso it is important to specify other symptoms you are having. Somethings that cause abdominal pain include food poisoning, the flu,pregnancy, gallbladder disease, and appendicitis.

What would cause lower abdominal pain while walking?

There are numerous reasons that can cause abdominal pain whilewalking. One factor could be muscle strains which can be caused bysudden twisting or from exercising. Another factor could be ahernia.

What can cause right lower abdominal pain when doing reverse crunches?

Improper breathing throughout the reverse crunches can causeabdominal pain. Lower abdominal pain may also be caused by theexercise itself, which works the lower abdomen. Pain on the rightside of the abdomen can also be a symptom of appendicitis, so youshould see a doctor if it persists.

What causes severe pain in lower right abdominal area?

If you are in severe pain it is urgent that you go and see a qualified medical doctor. (also demand Ultrasound from your Doctor for Gall stones if the pain goes around the right like a belt). Appendix is in lower right as well. Ultrasound will expose both.

What causes lower abdominal pain and leg pain at the same time?

Lower abdominal pain and leg pain at the same time can be caused by sciatic or various other nerve issues in the back. This pain may also be caused by strained muscles that could be pulled. Ligaments may have also been torn resulting in this type of pain. To be sure one should always go to their doc ( Full Answer )

Can to much wine cause pain in lower abdominal and upset stomich?

If you have any acid problems alcohol will increase these the next day. i actually drank a bottle of wine yesterday and today i have this pain in my lower abdominal which is why i stumbled upon this. i get stomach aches from alcohol but this is pretty much the first time i have abdominal pain. so so ( Full Answer )

Lying down causes pain in lower right abdominal?

If lying down causes you pain over your lower right abdominal area,you may have something wrong with your appendix. This could alsomean there is a problem with an ovary, if you are a woman.

What causes lower right pelvic pain?

If the pain gets worse and persist you may want to get checked out, your apendix is in that location. If somthing feels wrong and gets worse get checked out, you dont want to mess with an apendix. If its gas pain it should go away with some gasx or gas product. When in doubt get checked out

What causes stabbing left lower abdominal pain worse with twisting?

Abdominal pain is a peculiar beast. It's often difficult to determine the cause of anyone's pain, let alone someone who's online and not available for questions or for an exam. Rather than seeking advice online, consult a doctor. Except for the occasional nausea and belly pain that go alone with the ( Full Answer )

What causes excruciating abdominal pain and lower back pain?

Many reasons exist for the sxcruciating abdominal pain and low back pain. They vary from simple to extreme with intensity. The underlying reason I believe is Intestinal obstruction or inflamation. A large percentage of abdominal/low back pain is a result from improper food consumption, organ fatigue ( Full Answer )

What causes lower back pain and lower abdominal pain if you have had back problems in the past and are a week away from starting your monthly Is it normal?

Lie on the floor with a rolled up towel under your lower back. Bring both knees together and feet flat on the floor. Move both knees to the left for 5 secs and then back to centre, then move both knees to the right for 5 secs and back to centre. Hold for a few secs at either side. Then bring both kn ( Full Answer )

What can cause lower abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain is ache and discomfort that occurs in your abdomen. Your abdomen area includes the stomach, tummy, gut and belly can. These area can experience pain from time to time. There can be many causes of abdominal pain; lead poisoning, cystitis, appendicitis, aortic aneurysm, pregnancy or man ( Full Answer )

You have lower back pain and abdominal pain but only on your right side Pain is chronic but there is no pain during your menstrual period What can cause this?

If the pain is sharp and off-center a bit from the middle of the back around the waistline, you could have mild disk herniation pressing on a nerve. This kind of pain typically radiates into the posterior tissue (front of the body). That it's only on the right side is typical of disk problems, as yo ( Full Answer )

Can chlamydia cause discharge bleeding and lower abdominal pain?

Yes, chlamydia can cause discharge, irregular vaginal bleeding, and lower abdominal or pelvic pain. If you're having these symptoms, you may be experiencing pelvic inflammatory disease, a possible complication of chlamydia. Contact your health care provider today for urgent evaluation.

What causes lower abdominal left side pain?

That could depend on whether or not you are a male or female. Nonetheless, any pain of unknown etiology (cause or origin) should be investigated by your doctor. Also, if the pain does not go away with your regular pain relievers, you should see your doctor. It would be foolish to try and diagnose yo ( Full Answer )

What causes abdominal cramping diarrhea lower back pain and missed period?

i would cheack with your doctor..he has your medical history and can tell you what is wrong with you. self-diagnoseing is not something i would recommend for anyone because 90 percent of the time you will be wrong.....the only suggestion i have to offer is that you might be pregnant

Abdominal pain on the right side?

The right side of your abdomen has several organs. The lower right side is where your appendix is, so appendicitis is a possibility. Your liver and gallbladder are also on the right side, so liver disease or gallstones could be a possibility as well. The first loop of your small intestine (the duode ( Full Answer )

What causes Pain in the lower right side of abdomin?

well it could be your gall bladder. if it is your gall bladder your pee would also look like Coke and your stool would turn white.. it could also be appendix. or you could just have a stomach ache! hope you feel a better soon. or whoever you know who is sick. BTW if it you think it may be you ( Full Answer )

Can gas cause abdominal pain?

yes it sure can. The build up of gas causes pressure which inturn causes abdominal pain. also known as gastric distention

What causes lower right abdomen pain?

Lower right abdominal pain is caused by many etiologies such as appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, colitis, ureteric stones and pelvic inflammatory disease. Please consult your own physician for professional medical advice.

Can stress cause lower abdominal pain?

so yes, stress can cause lower abdominal pain on the right or the left stress caused me to have pain on the lower left abdominal it could be the stress or gas that causes the pain