Cause of paint failure onboard ship?

Mariners are engaged in a constant battle against corrosion and often feel that they are on the losing side. The ocean is a relentless enemy and the salt-laden elements constantly expose weaknesses in paint systems in their quest to turn steel into rust.
Ø Poor surface preparation.
Ø Painting in an unfavourable environment. (Ideal Condition 10oC to 32oC and ᶲ 90%)
Ø Under estimating the corrosive nature of sea air and not applying enough paint coats.
Ø Using paint which is too thick or too thin.
Ø Incorrect mixing of two pack paints.
Ø Prolonged exposure to the environment. (engine fumes)
Ø Expansion and contraction of the metal surface which loosens inelastic paint.
Ø Excessively high temperature which causes cracking.
Ø Paint application by incorrect methods. (Wrong nozzle size)
Ø The use of incompatible coats. Incorrect primer for a following coat.
Ø The use of unsuitable paints in specific areas.
Ø Poor design.
Ø The use of unsuitable barrier paints beneath anti-fouling.
Ø Chipping of paint surface during normal working operations.
Ø Abrasion due to the vessel landing heavily on the quayside.
Ø Insufficient drying time between coats.