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industry is the main polluter of the Yangtze river. another factor to consider is the huge population of china, and the infrastructure of the waste management system in that country.

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The main cause of river pollution is the dumping of waste. This dumping is done in the name of religion.

yes as all pollution is sucked into the river banks and causes the lower numbers of sea life.

The causes of the pollution are: -factories dumping unwanted waste -corpses -pesticides and fertilizers -animal waste -sewage

Waste , sewage and leaking pipes

the pollution from the river rhine is coming from: Factories, waste from humans, poison from mines, animal waste and garbage. this is all deposited into the river that causes it to pollute, and destroys wildlife (killes fish)

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River pollution means pollution of a river i.e., when a river is being polluted (for example dumping waste in a river will affect its purity and is known as polluting it) or its purity is being affected or lost then it is said to be River Pollution.

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people dumping rubbish and things that can be recycled in the source of water or even straight into the river

Trash causes pollution. Pollution causes depletion.

There are various causes pollution in river Thames. These include direct industrial discharge, polluted river and tributaries discharge, sewage influences and Storm water deposition.

River pollution is a result of a complex combination of processes that reduce overall river water quality. * Acid rain, * Industrial pollution * Agricultural pollution contribute to river pollution * Everyday activities that drain untreated pollutants and leachate into rivers and streams * Transport: - where carbon and one-drop-at-a-time 'oil spills' can also cause pollution through storm run-off === === A holistic and integrative understanding of the cause-effect cycles of river pollution is an effective starting point to improve river water quality.Water pollution is a complex issue - from the source of polution to its impacts, both short-term and long-term on human and other species that depend on water. Point and non-point sources of pollution have a profound impact on the degree of pollution, and many times the actual causes are hidden behind more 'visible' causes. Understanding these causes-behind-causes is critical in developing appropriate responses to reduce pollution. Broad-based awareness of the sources and impacts of pollution - involving a number of stakeholders on the water continuum - is also important to effect lasting solutions. You can start by using green cleaners and fertilizers.

Causes of oil pollution in Venezuela are oil spills and they are a major producer of oil so that causes a lot of oil pollution

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To reduce river pollution we can stop throwing our waste into the rivers .

A threat the Rhine faces is pollution. There are many different causes of pollution. One is acid rain. This is where gases from nearby factories meet with rain turning the rain into acid rain, which then falls into the river Rhine, polluting its water.

The river has become like a drainage. The fishes in the river are dying. Pollution levels in it are getting high.

Well there are many causes of pollution but I will just name a few. First of all, cars and factories cause pollution. Also, littering can cause pollution.

Pollution causes global warming. It then causes ozone depletion.

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