Causes for river pollution

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industry is the main polluter of the Yangtze river. another factor to consider is the huge population of china, and the infrastructure of the waste management system in that country.

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Q: Causes for river pollution
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What are the causes for river pollution in India?

The main cause of river pollution is the dumping of waste. This dumping is done in the name of religion.

Can land pollution affect a river?

yes as all pollution is sucked into the river banks and causes the lower numbers of sea life.

What causes pollution in ganges river?

The causes of the pollution are: -factories dumping unwanted waste -corpses -pesticides and fertilizers -animal waste -sewage

What are some causes of pollution in the Yangtze River?

Shipping Food Brands

What causes river Rhine to pollution?

Waste , sewage and leaking pipes

Where is the pollution coming from the River Rhine?

the pollution from the river rhine is coming from: Factories, waste from humans, poison from mines, animal waste and garbage. this is all deposited into the river that causes it to pollute, and destroys wildlife (killes fish)

What do you mean by river pollution?

River pollution means pollution of a river i.e., when a river is being polluted (for example dumping waste in a river will affect its purity and is known as polluting it) or its purity is being affected or lost then it is said to be River Pollution.

Does airplane causes maximum pollution?

Does aeroplane causes maximum pollution ?

What substance or material that causes pollution?

What substance or material that causes pollution

What is space pollution what are it causes?

What is space pollution what are it causes? & EFFECTS

What is the pollution of the River Brahmaputra?

pollution of bramaputra

What causes stream pollution?

people dumping rubbish and things that can be recycled in the source of water or even straight into the river

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