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Causes of radiation pollution?

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Radiation pollution is the release of radioactive substances into the environment. Some of its causes are radioactive nuclear waste, coal ash, mining of radioactive ore and medical waste.

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What is radiation pollution and what are its causes and effects?

Radiation pollution is the increase in natural background radiation. There are many sources of radiation pollution such as research laboratories, nuclear power plants, etc. The worst case of the radiation pollution was the Chernobyl disaster , which occurred over a century ago, but the effects still linger on today.

What are the causes of radiation pollution?

Radon gas, nuclear power plants

What are the causes of radioactive pollution?

Radioactive pollution is something unwanted going into the environment. It can be very dangerous because radiation can cause cancer.

How can you prevent radiation pollution?

we can prevent radiation pollution avoiding nuclear accidents

Are radiation pollution and radioactive pollution same?


What is radiation pollution?

what is radiation with intrduction and his information

What cancers are caused by environmental factors?

Air pollution causes lung cancer UV radiation causes melanomas and basal and squamous skin carcinomas

What causes air pollution in charminar?

due to increasing population,increasing number of auto mobiles,factories and industries air pollution is caused.the main causes are smoke,smog,dangerous chemicals being put in d air.also radiation causes air polution...

What is space pollution what are it causes?

What is space pollution what are it causes? & EFFECTS

What 5 types of pollution?

Water pollution ,land/soil pollution,air/environment pollution ,noise and radiation pollution.

What substance or material that causes pollution?

What substance or material that causes pollution

Does airplane causes maximum pollution?

Does aeroplane causes maximum pollution ?

What is chernobyl nuclear radiation?

Radiation is pollution and chemicals mixed together

Why is the trash a problem to the ozone?

Trash causes pollution. Pollution causes depletion.

What are some environmental issues?

air pollutionwater pollutionradiation pollutionozone pollutionsoil erosionshrinking of glaciers

What are the causes of oil pollution in Venezuela?

Causes of oil pollution in Venezuela are oil spills and they are a major producer of oil so that causes a lot of oil pollution

What are solutions to the problems of pollution?

like how to stop pollution or what causes pollution

What are some other causes of water pollution?

what are some other water pollution causes

Does radiation cause air pollution?


What is atomic pollution?

The pollution caused by the emission of harmful radiation from radio active elements which causes harm to the atmosphere and living being even trees is called atomic pollution is usually caused by nuclear waste (incompletely used uranium) of nuclear power plant.

What is pollution and causes in simple English?

how is solution in pollution

Does the burning of hydrocarbons does not cause pollution?

it causes pollution

What are the causes of pollution?

Well there are many causes of pollution but I will just name a few. First of all, cars and factories cause pollution. Also, littering can cause pollution.

How does pollution affect the ozone layer?

Pollution causes global warming. It then causes ozone depletion.

Which of the following fuels causes minimum environmental pollution?

which fuels causes minimum environmental pollution

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