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Nucleus. Cell is bound by the cell membrane, and the nucleus is bound by nuclear envelope, or nuclear membrane.

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Q: Cell membrane is to a cell as nuclear membrane is to?
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How doe the membrane of the cell differ from the cell nuclear membrane?

cell membrane is single whereas the nuclear membrane is double, hence it is also called nuclear envelop.

How is the nuclear membrane important to the cell?

The nuclear membrane is important to the cell because if there was no nuclear membrane the cell would have no organization of the genetic material of the eukaryoytic cells.

What does the nuclear membrane do in a cell?

AnswerThe nuclear membrane contains cell DNA and directs all cell activity.

Is nuclear membrane the same thing as cell mmbrane?

Yes they are the same.

The canals that connect the cell membrane with the nuclear membrane are?

The endoplasmic reticulum is the canal that connects the cell membrane with the nuclear membrane.

What is the function of the nuclear membrane of the animal cell?

The nuclear membrane controls what enters and exist the cell.

Does an animal cell have an nuclear membrane?

Yes, an animal cell has a nuclear membrane. Jesus loves you!

What Regulates what enters and leave a cell?

Nuclear membrane

Does plant cell have nuclear membrane?

Yes unless it is a Prokariotic cell in which case it has no nucleus

What is the difference between a cell membrane and nucleus?

A cell membrane lets nutrients into the cell. The nucleus is like the brain of the cell.

What protects the nucleus in a cell?

Nuclear membrane is a thin membrane surrounds and protects the nucleus.

Is the cell membrane and nuclear membrane the same?

yes, in terms of substances used; however, depending on where in the body the cells is positioned both the nuclear and cell membrane may differ.