Chanes of a girl getting pregnant if you don't use a condom and you don't pull out?


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Impossible to say but if she's ovulating at the time the risk of pregnancy is of course big.

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there is a VERY HIGH chance that the girl can become pregnant if you do not use a condom. its a different story if the girl is on some sort of birth control HOWEVER, the birth control is not ALWAYS 100% effective! if you are planning on not getting the girl pregnant, I suggest you use protection :)

The chances you will get pregnant on your ovulation date and NOT using a condom are EXTREMELY HIGH. Dont' do it. If you are dating a guy who doesn't want to use condoms, drop the loser. Someone who couldn't give a crap about you, your health, and your future does not deserve you.

If you take your pill everyday without missing any pills you are 99.5% protected from getting pregnant, but the pill has no protection from STI's.

Dont have sex! or use birth control....

if you wear a condom theres a 99.9% chance the girl wont get pregnant but there's always that .1% and dont you 2 condoms it will cause friction between the condoms and they would break

Yes you can. Sometimes. Like if you have sex and you dont take it then yes you maybe can get pregnant. But if you do take it and still wear a condom then you should be gOod even if you dont wear a condom

you vomit and get tired and the best is to take a test. use a condom if you dont want to get pregnant.

There is no known percentage for definate. if you use a condom then there is roughly a 5% change of getting pregnant, where as if you use no protection or contraception, the risk is considerably high. if you dont want to become pregnant you may want to consider birth control, and also without a condom you run the risk or catching an STI or STD.

very slim, unless you forget to take you pull, the condom breaks and you dont pull out.

Always a chance but my doctor told me u should be good to go within a day of getting the shot.

Did the condom break or leak? If so, you could be pregnant!

yes it is possible but probably not very likely,,the chances of getting pregnant by actual intercouse and ejaculation into the vagina can vary depending on many factors anyway. so yes ,,but i dont think it is likely

if u use a condom the right way you will not be pregnant unleaa the condom is either broken or expired. using the pull out method may work sometimes but I dont recommend it. before the man cums, he "pre-cums" and that carries sperm in it too wich will make u pregnant. trust me, I am a mother now due to the pull out method. I live my child, no doubt about that. but I do not recommend the pull out method if u dont want an accident. its ur life and ur choice. make the rite decision.

Yes. There is always a chance the pill doesnt balance with your hormones.

There is a chance that you could get pregnant. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

Well if you have been using condoms, theres nothing to worry about, now if he didnt pull out but was wearing a condom and the condom didnt break than i dont see any reason why you should become pregnant.

If sperm does come out of the side of the condom, or if the condom breaks while you are having sex than it can make you pregnant. It seems unlikely that the condom would fill up with so much sperm that it is overflowing, but maybe you need a different size condom if this is the case. just incase it does happen u should take the pill if u dont want 2 get preagnant.

Depends if you use protection ir not. It only takes one guy unprotected to get you preggo. Do yourself a favor. Dont sleep around, and if you do, alwsys make them wear a condom.

sperm doesnt expire it just helps if you use a condom so that when you decide to have sex you dont have the sperm inside you trying to fertilize your eggs .

well obviously just use a condom and do it all the time as much as you like

It's possible, but highly NOT recommended. Use protection every time unless you want to be a parent.

no sweety you can not get pregnant if he does not ejaculate in you and had a condemn on. there might be a chance but hun dont worry, if you start having symptoms though..then go to the doctors..but no you just depends if he poked holes in the condom or not

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