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Change 5000km to miles?

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5,000 kilometers is ~3,106.9 miles.

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When to change motor oil on Chevy truck?

Roughly every 5000km (3125 miles)

How much is 5000km in miles?

About 3107 miles

How many US miles is 5000 kilometers?

5000km = 3106.9 miles

How long is 5000km is miles?

Five thousand kilometers is equal to 3106.85596 miles.

How long is 5000 km?

5000km is the same as about 3,107 miles.

When Krakatoa erupted in 1883 the sound was heard how many miles away?

3000 miles + (5000Km)

How many miles is 5000 km?

1 mile=approx. 1.6km. 5000km is about 3125 miles to be precise 3106.85 km

How long can you go without an oil change?

5000km on regular oil 15k on syntetic

How far is Hays KS from Salina KS?

95 miles taking I-70 WEST.

After how many KMs I have to change oil in Toyota Echo?

depends on the oil you use, recommended for mineral 5000km for synthetic 10000km

How often should you change auto transmission fluid?

Usually I change every 5000km 2 litre & flush every 20,000km 8-10 litre

What distance can Intercontinental Ballistic Missile travel?

Ballistic missiles can reach up to 5000km Ballistic missiles can reach up to 5000km

What is distance from New York to Johannesburg?

# 5000km

How far away is Alaska from Hawaii?


What is the estimation of Agni 5 missile?


What is 5000km in feet?

5,000km is 16,404,200 feet.

Which countries does the River Amazon go through?


Distance from Vancouver to US border?

Around 5000km.

How far is it from Oxford to the Sahara Desert?

Its about 5000km away

How far do reindeer migrate?

ummm, are they even real?

Is 5000km equivalent to 5gb?

No, 5000kb = 5mb, 5000mb = 5gb

How many feet in 5000km?

5,000 kilometers is 16,404,000 feet.

How far is Orlando from Los Angeles?

There are 5000km between orlando and la ][

How many km is the Chinese wall?

approximately 10,000 li (5000km)

How long does it take to fly 5000km?

i badly need to know as well :L