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Matter causes a change in state

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changes in temperature are usually what causes matter to change its state.

Changing a state is a physical change cause it is still a state.

Temperature. Temperature causes matter to change state.

Matter changing state is usually a result of the material changing temperature and/or a change in the surrounded pressure on the material. The change of state is usually associated with a change in its density.

mostly change in enthalpy causes change in state

It's physical. No new substance is formed.

There are a lot of factors that can cause the loss of lift in an aircraft, such as changing the shape of the airfoil, changing the speed, a change in air temperature which causes a change in air density, etc.

Deposition is the physical change of a gas changing state directly to a solid. It is the opposite of sublimation, which a solid changing directly to a gas.

Changing from a Solid to a Liquid to a Gas is a physical change.

Its a Physical Change because all that is changing is the state that it is in there is nothing changing on the chemical level...

The amount, or level of heat energy in the substance will cause the change in state.

Changing the state of matter is known as phase change, change in temperature creates phase change when the freezing or boiling point is reached.

No, a liquid changing to a gas is a change of state or a physical change.

Yes, it is a physical change. For if it was a chemical change, it would not be able to change back; but when you are just changing the state of the item/substance it can be changed back.

Yes because the water changed its state of matter, but not its actual chemical make up. State of Matter changing is almost always physical change

the change from a solid to a gas (without changing into a liquid first) is known as sublimation "Sublimation is an endothermic change (requires energy from its surroundings). As dry ice sublimes, the cold carbon dioxide vapor causes water vapor in the air to condense and form clouds."

It's a physical change because you're changing the state of matter from a liquid to a gas but not changing the molecular structure.

thats evaporation and heat causes it

Sensible heat is heat supplied or taken away and causes an immediate change in temperature without changing the state. While latent heat is heat supplied or taken away and causes a change in state without change in temperature. This difference can be applied to the certain properties of water/steam. This is called the thermodynamics properties of steam.

physical because your changing its all over status

You're only changing the form of the substance, not the chemical compounds in it.

Chemical change because you are changing the state of paper to ash.

It may change its measurable properties but a simple state change is brought on by an increase or decrease the energy content of the material and does not alter the material from one material to another.

The temperature does not change while a substance is changing state. Heat energy input or extraction from the system at the point where the phase changes goes into the change not the temperature. Above and below the phase change the energy change is reflected by a change of temperature.

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