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Expect the unexpected

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chang ching

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Q: Chapter 4-6 summary of sleeping freshmen never lie?
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What is onomatopoeia in Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie in chapter 11?

In chapter 11 of "Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie," there is onomatopoeia when the bell rings, it goes "ding-dong" and when someone's shoes squeak, it goes "squeak-squeak." These words mimic the sounds they represent, adding a vivid and sensory element to the story.

What is the central conflict in Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie?

scott gets mad at julia

Who is the antagonist in Sleeping Freshmen never lie?

i think its vernon but im not sure :l

What is the setting of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie?

high school, house, and a little bit of it was in the hospitol

Who is Patrick in sleeping freshmen never lie?

he is scotts best friend who moved away in the beginning of the book

In Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie where does Patrick move?

Texas then he moves to China i believe maybe Tokyo.

What is a one word description of Scott Hudson from the novel sleeping freshmen never lie?


Is there a second book to Sleeping Freshmen never lie?

As of July of 2010 there is not, there is also no mention of a sequel on the authors website.

What is the overall moral of sleeping freshmen never lie?

sometimes we intend for one thing to happen, but the reality is beyond our wildest dreams

What is the climax of sleeping freshmen never lie?

I think the climax is when he rather go to the dance with Lee rather than Julia.

In sleeping freshmen never lie bobby was arrested for what?

Being a rachet hookaaa betch.

What life lessons do you learn from sleeping freshmen never lie?

Scott has a crush on some one way out of his league!