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Charlie the Unicorn Script" Blue: Heeeeeey Charliee, hey charlieee, wake up Pink: yeah charlie, u silly sleepy head, wake uuuup. Charlie: Ughh, oh god, u guys.. this ed bettter be pretty friggin important, is the meadow on fire Blue: Noooo Charlie, we found a map to candy mountaiiinnn, candy mountain charlie Pink: yeah, charlie, we're going to candy mountaiiinnn, come with us charlieee Blue: yeah charlie, it will be an adventureee, we're going on an adventure charliee Charlie: yeah, candy mountain, right, im just gonna u know, go bak to sleep now Blue: nooooo, charlie, u have to come with us to candy mountain Pink: yeah charlie, candy mountain. its a land of sweets and joy and joyness Charlie: please stop bouncing on me Blue: CANDY MOUNTAIN charliee Pink:yeah, candy mountain Charlie: alright fine, ill go with u to candy mountain Blue and pink: la la la la, alal lal Charlie: enough with the singing already Blue: our first stop is over there charlie Charlie: oh god, what is that Blue: its a leopleuradon charlie Pink: a magincal leoplueradon Blue: its gunna guide our way to candy mountain Charlie: alright guys, u do no theres no actuall candy mountain right? Blue: shaa the non-beleiver Pink: shaaa Blue: shaaaaaaaana Charlie: yeah Leopleuradon: (screech [long]) Blue: it has spoken Pink, it has told us the wayyyy Charlie: it didnt say nething Blue: its just over this bridge charlie Pink: this magical bridge of hope and wonder Charlie: is ne1 else getting like covered in splinters, seriously guys, we shouldn't b on this thing Blue:charrrrrliiee ( 3 1/2x) Charlie: im rite here, wudda ya want Blue: were on a bridge charlieee… were heeere Charlie: Well wudda ya no, there actually is a candy mountain Blue: candy mountain, candy mountain, u fill me with sweet sugary goodness Pink: go inside the candy mountain cave charlie Blue: yeah charlie, go inside the cave, magical wonders that behold when u enter Charlie: yeah, thanx but no thanx, i gunna stay out here Pink: but u have to enter the candy mountain candy cave charlie C-a-n-d-y: ( music ) Oh when ur down and looking for sum cheering up, than just head right up to the candy mountain cave, when u get inside, ull find urself a cheeeery land, such a happy and joy-filled and perky merry land. they got lolipops and gummi drops and candy things, oh so many things that will brighten up your day, its impossible to wear a frown in candy town, its the mecca of lovely candy cave.. the've got jelly beans and coconuts with little hats, candy mats, chocolate bats, its a wonderland of sweets, ride the candy train to town and hear the candy band, candy bells, its a treat as they march across the land, cherry ribbons stream across the sky and into the ground, turn around, it astounds, its the dancing candy tree, and the candy cains imaginations runs so free, so now charlie plz will u go into the cave ( blows up ) Charlie: alright fine, ill go into the freakin camdu cave, this ed better be good Pink and Blue: yahahahah Blue: goodbye charlie Pink: yeah, goodbye charlie Charlie: goodbye? what? ( door closes ), hey! wuts goin on here, hello? (footsteps) who is that? (club hitting charlie) (wakes up) Charlie: oww god, what happened. Ahh they took my friggin kidney.

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Q: Charlie the unicorn script
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What is the script for Charlie the Unicorn '' the door ''?

The script for Charlie the Unicorn: The Door is a word for word listing of what is said on the video. Charlie the Unicorn can be viewed on YouTube.

How many charlie the unicorn videos are there?

3There are more then 3, there are..Charlie the unicornCharlie the unicorn 2Charlie the unicorn 3YouTube Live: Charlie the UnicornCharlie the Unicorn "Hot Topic" VideoAnd i think that's it. :)

What are some opinions on Charlie the Unicorn?

Charlie the Unicorn is a unicorn that is constantly irrated by two other unicorns. Charlie the Unicorn is the best unicorn ever!!!

Who likes charlie the unicorn?

i like charlie the unicorn

Who is the Unicorn Charlie?

Ally-in-Wonderland's answer: The specific Unicorn, Charlie, is the main character in the famous You tube show, Charlie the Unicorn.

Who is charlie the gay unicorn?

Charlie the Unicorn is an internet animation by Jason Steele of Film Cow. Charlie the Gay Unicorn does not exist.

What is the name of charlie the unicorn 4?

There is no Charlie the Unicorn 4 genius!

What is the duration of Charlie the Unicorn?

The duration of Charlie the Unicorn is 180.0 seconds.

Is there a charlie the unicorn 5?

I don't believe that there is a charlie the unicorn 5. I very much wish there was. Charlie the unicorn 2 is very great.

What is the script for Charlie the Unicorn?

charile sees his kidney is gone. "oh great not again!" credits. PS that's all i remember!

When was Charlie the Unicorn created?

Charlie the Unicorn was created on 2005-11-26.

Who is the creator of Charlie the Unicorn 2?

Charlie the Unicorn 2 is of course a sequel to Charlie the Unicorn, and has been followed by many more episodes. The creator of all of these episodes, including Charlie the Unicorn 2, is a man by the name of Jason Steele.

Where can you purchase charlie the unicorn stuff?

Yes, I've seen a mug with Charlie The Unicorn on it before.

Is Charlie the unicorn real?


What is a narshlob?

It is Charlie the Unicorn!

Why do people think Charlie the Unicorn is funny?

Charlie the Unicorn is funny because its the best show on the planet! It combines a unicorn and the name Charlie! If u don't know that you should watch it again. No offense.;)

Who is charlie from the perks?

If you go on YouTube and type in Charlie the Unicorn there he is!!!

What are the unicorn's names in Charlie the unicorn?

Charlie , Candy and Crystal .

What is the episode of charlie the unicorn with the banana shooting?

I don't know what you mean by bannanas shooting, but Charlie the Unicorn 2 is all about bannanas, and how Charlie is the "Bannana King."

How many episodes of charlie the unicorn are there?

There is as follows- Charlie the Unicorn Charlie the Unicorn 2 Charlie the Unicorn 3 Charlie the Unicorn - YouTube Live Charlie the Unicorn - YouTube Live Promo Charlie the Unicorn - Hot Topic

What are the lyrics to the whole Charlie the unicorn 2?

Purple Unicorn: Glub Glub Glub Glub Glub Glub Glub Glub Glub Glub Pink Unicorn: (Funny Noises) Purple Unicorn: Look over there it's a coral reef. Charlie: oh look its you guys and your floating. Purple Unicorn: Charlie we're scuba- diving charlie Pink Unicorn: We're exploring the depths of the ocean blue. Purple Unicorn: oh no here comes a school of Poisonous fugu fish. Pink unicorn: Nooooooooooooo. Fuguu. Charlie: ahh you gotta watch out for those. so ah go away i'm watching TV. Purple Unicorn: The vortex has opened. Charlie: Oh god okay what is this. Purple Unicorn: Charlie we're being pulled into the vortex. Pink Unicorn: Swim away Fugu fish. Swim away. Charlie: come on now you guys are freaking me out. Turn this thing off. Purple Unicorn: There's no stopping the vortex charlie. Pink Unicorn: Fugu Charlie: Guys? Guys.. or girls i'm not really not sure what you 2 are? Purple Unicorn: Charlie Charlie i have the amulet. Charlie: What amulet? What's going on? Purple Unicorn: The amulet charlie the magical amulet. Sparkle Sparkle Pink Unicorn: Sparkle Charlie: I don't Understand what you're talking about. Purple Unicorn: The amulett Purple Unicorn: (Funny Noises) Purple Unicorn: We did it Pink Unicorn: We got the amulet. Charlie: Great now go away. i'm tired of the horrible things that happen when you are around. Purple Unicorn: Noooooo Charlie Pink Unicorn: Noo Purple Unicorn & Pink Unicorn:( Funny Noises) Purple Unicorn: We have to take the amulet to the Banana King. Charlie: ahh Yes the Banana King. Of course absolutely Not. Pink Unicorn: He's counting on us charlie ( Funny Noises) Purple Unicorn: If we don't get the amulet to the Banana King the vortex will open and let out a thousand years of darkness. Pink Unicorn: Noo darkness Charlie: Ahhh all right fine i'll go I'll go. Purple Unicorn & Pink Unicorn: Yayyyyy Pink Unicorn: Darkness. Purple Unicorn & Pink Unicorn:( FUNNY NOISES) Charlie: What are you 2 doing? Purple Unicorn & Pink Unicorn:(FUNNY NOISES) Charlie: Stop that. Purple Unicorn: ( Funny noise) Charlie: Oh look at that. Purple Unicorn & Pink Unicorn: Z Purple Unicorn: El Hombre Con el sombrero nos envio Pink Unicorn: El Nos Quenta Muchas historias asombrosas Z: (Funny noises) Purple Unicorn & Pink Unicorn: ha ha ha ha Charlie: What Pink Unicorn: Cenemos en Tortugas esta noche. Purple Unicorn: SE ven buenos ellos si? Z: ( Funny noises) Charlie: Ahh What did u 2 do. Purple Unicorn & Pink Unicorn: Z Purple Unicorn: Soy Feliz Z: ( Funny noises) Purple Unicorn & Pink Unicorn: ha ha ha ha Z: ( Funny noises) Charlie: Just keep walking charlie keep walking. Purple Unicorn: Hop on board the train Charlie Pink Unicorn: Its gonna take us to the Banana King. Charlie: I don't see any train. All i see is a giant sneaker. Purple Unicorn: its the choo choo shoe Charlie Pink Unicorn: the choo choo shoee Purple Unicorn: Hurry Charlie its about to leave Purple Unicorn & Pink Unicorn: Chuga chuga chuga chuga chuga chuga chuga chuga Shoe shoe. Purple Unicorn & Pink Unicorn: Chuga chuga chuga chuga chuga chuga chuga chuga Shoe shoe. Charlie: Yeah i forgot my boarding pass. I'll Just walk. Pink Unicorn: We're here charlie Purple Unicorn: the Temple of the Banana King Charlie: Great Let's leave the amulet and go home. ( WEIRD NOISE) Charlie: Who is that? Charlie:no no really you guys see it right? Charlie: I got to be honest i'm getting creeped out here. Sombody say something. SONG: Charlie you look quite down with your big fat eyes and your big fat frown The world doesn't have to be so gray. Charlie When your lifes a mess When your felling blue always in distress I know what can wash that sad away All you have to do is Put a Banana in your ear Charlie: A banana in my ear? Put a ripe banana right into your favorite ear It's true Charlie: Says who? So True once it's in your gloom will disappear The bad in the world is hardly hear. When in your ear a Banana cheers So go and put a banana in your ear. Chorus: Put a Banana in your ear. Charlie: I'd rather keep my ear clear. Chorus: You will never be happy if you live your life in fear It's true Charlie: says u so true when it's in the sky's are bright and clear oh every day of every year the sun shines bright in this big blue sphere So go and put a Banana in your eeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrr Charlie: oh of course he burst into flames Purple Unicorn: Go forth magical amulet return to the Banana King. Amulet: (Funny Noises) Purple Unicorn: Charlie you're the Bunana King Charlie: What ay ay hold on a minute Banana: You're the Banana King Charlie Charlie: No i'm not that doesn't even make sense Purple Unicorn: all hail the Banana King Charlie: I'm not the Banana King. Purple Unicorn: You are the Banana King Charlie: No No I'm I'm Banana: Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Charlie: i'm I am the Banana King Purple Unicorn & Pink Unicorn: Yayyyy Banana: You are the Banana King Charlie: I'm the Banana King Yeah. Hey. Where did u go? Charlie: Guys? Hello? Charlie:Get me down from here. Charlie: Ahh Okay that's a sprain. Charlie: Hello? Hello? Charlie: Guys where are u? Charlie: ohh u got to be. Great they robbed me Charlie: ahh Purple Unicorn: Charlie? Charlie:What? What do u want? Purple Unicorn: ( Funny Noise)

Do you like Charlie the unicorn?

In a forest

Who is Boonana King?

Charlie the Unicorn.

Who was the founder of Confunianism?

Charlie the Unicorn

Who are the thoroughbreds predators?

Charlie the Unicorn