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orth American version

Unlimited Gold:

820282E8 E0FF

820282EA 05F5

All Commands:

420282DF FFFF

00000004 0002

All Items:

420217F6 6363

00000004 0002

All Weapons:

42028219 6363

0000002B 0002

All Zoid Cores:

420217FE 6363

0000000E 0002

3202181A 0063

Max Gold:

820282E8 E0FF

820282EA 05F5

Every Weapon:

32028219 0063

4202821A 6363

0000002A 0002

32028273 0063

42028274 6363

00000004 0002

3202827D 0063

4202827E 6363

0000000B 0002

32028298 0063

4202829A 6363

00000013 0002

All Zoid Data:

42021858 FFFF

00000009 0002

3202186A 00FF

All Zoid Parts:

42021826 6363

00000011 0002

32021825 0063

One Hit Win:

42035ED2 0000

00000006 0270

Infinite Experience Gained:


8203EBBE 05F5

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there are no cheats but to get all the zoids you HAVE TO FINNISH MISSION MODE!!!!

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Q: Cheat codes for zoids battle legends the video game?
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