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Cheats for kotor?


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giveitem g1_w_lghtsbr01,02 Lightsaber

giveitem g_i_gauntlet03 Sith Power Gauntet

givemed Gives 99 Advanced Medpacks

givesecspikes Gives 99 Security Spikes

givecomspikes Gives 99 Computer Spikes

giverepair Gives 99 Advanced Repair Kits

giveparts Gives 99 Parts

giveitem SUPERSABER Gives a lightsaber that kills with 1 hit.

giveitem SUPERROBES Gives Revan's Jedi Robes

giveitem g_w_lngswrd01 Gives Long Sword

giveitem ptar_sitharmor Gives Sith Uniform

setsecurity (0-99) Sets Your Security Skill

setawareness (0-99) Sets Your Awarenss Skill

setpersuade (0-99) Sets Your Persuade Skill

setrepair (0-99) Sets Your Repair Skill

setstealth (0-99) Sets You Stealth Skill

setdemolitions (0-99) Sets You Demolition Skill

settreatinjury (0-99) Sets Your Treat Injury Skill