Chemical name of phosphoric acid?


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phosphoric acid, or orthophosphoric acid

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Yes its chemical name is Phosphoric acid.

The Chemical symbol for Phosphoric acid is H3PO4

It IS the FORMULA (H3PO4) with the chemical NAME: phosphoric acid

The chemical formula of the orto-phosphoric acid is H3PO4.

Phosphoric acid comes from the chemical formula H3PO4. The chemical formula is a combination of Hydrogen, Phosphorus, and Oxygen.

KOH for potassium hydroxide, and H3PO4 for phosphoric acid.

Phosphoric acid is a mineral, chemical or reagent consisting of phosphoric acids. It is a clear, colorless and odorless liquid.

It's chemical full name is dihydrogen phosphite but it is more known as Phosphoric Acid

The chemical symbol is H3PO4.

Phosphoric acid is a chemical that is found in Pepsi. A 12-ounce can of Pepsi contains a total of 50 mg of phosphoric acid.

They are the same Chemical Formula. Basically the same Acid with two different names.

Phosphoric acid and carbonic acid.

It is called phosphoric acid

H3PO3 for phosphorous acid while, H3PO4 is the phosphoric acid. :)

Phosphoric acid is used in Coke.

The chemical formula of the oxyacid perphosphoric acid is H3PO5.

The chemical formula of the phosphoric acid is H3PO4.

No, phosphoric acid is a weak acid.

there is no differences between phosphoric acid and ortho phosphoric acid

No, phosphoric acid is triprotic.

it is called Phosphoric Acid

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