Chemical symbol for alcohol

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: Chemical symbol for alcohol
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What is the chemical symbol that will identify an alcohol?


What is the chemical symbol for drinking alcohol?

"Alcohol" is actually a general term for any compound containing an -OH (hydroxyl) group bonded to a carbon which itself is bonded only to hydrogens and other carbons. In common conversation, alcohol refers to drinking alcohol, or ethyl alcohol, abbreviated EtOH. It has the chemical formula C2H5OH.

How much ar in alcohol?

You may have a typing error here. Ar is the chemical symbol for Argon, an inert gas. It is not found in alcohol.

What is COH4?

It is the alcohol , methanol . Its chemical symbol is usually qritten as 'H3COH 'or HCH2OH . The -CH2OH form indiocates that it is an alcohol.

Chemical symbol for indium?

The chemical symbol for indium is In

What is chemical symbol for alcohol?

Alcohol itself is not an element so it has no single symbol. The characteristic of an alcohol is OH, i.e. oxygen (O) combined with hydrogen (H), so every molecule with a OH part in it you call an alcohol. E.g. ethanol the most common alcohol is ethane with instead of a H a OH part.There are many chemical forms of alcohol, but the most common which is used in drinks is ethyl alcohol C2H5OH.Methylated spirits is ethyl alcohol to which a small percentage of methyl alcohol (CH3OH) is added to poison it to discourage its consumption.

Symbol for chemical curium?

The chemical symbol of curium is Cm.

What chemical symbol is the symbol for molybdenum?

The molybdenum chemical symbol is Mo.

What chemical symbol is the symbol for cerium?

Ce is the chemical symbol for cerium

What is the chemical symbol for iron and nickel?

The chemical symbol for iron is Fe and the chemical symbol for nickel is Ni.

Which chemical symbol is represented from Be?

Be is the chemical symbol for Beryllium.

What is nobelium's chemical symbol?

Nobelium's chemical symbol is "No"