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Wang Liqin is the most famous Chinese ping pong player, who won many world medals so far.

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Q: China's most famous ping pong player?
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What is chinas favorite sport?

Ping-Pong ar Tennis, Swiming, Gymnastics. I think that's al!!

Who was the most successful European ping pong player in Beijing Olympics 2008?

Vladimir Samsonov was the most successful European ping pong player at the Beijing Olympics. He is from Belarus that is located in Europes' Eastern block.

Who is best ping pong player in the world?

Judah Friedlander is the best ping pong player in the world!

Who is an okay ping pong player?

I am a pretty good ping pong player. I can be competitive with non professionals.

Who is the worst ping pong player ever?

john klingerman to this day is the worst ping pong player ever. we know this because he has played a total of 300 ping pong matches and he hasn't scored one point. so then he was declared the worst ping pong player ever.

Who is the best ping pong player?

As of October 2013, many consider the best ping pong player in the world to be Ding Ning from China.

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it is 3,4567

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What is Chinas national sport?

China's national sport is.... i know but you don't get to mwa ha ha ha ha so sucksThe national sport for China is Ping Pong and Soccertable tennis

What are some famous Chinese sports?

gymnastics, ping pong, badminton

Where can one find videos of international Ping Pong games played by famous Ping Pong players?

One can find videos of international Ping Pong games played by famous Ping Pong players on YouTube. Other places online where one can find such videos are Table Tennis DB, CNN and MiniClip.

Whos the best ping pong player in the world?


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How much does the top ping pong player earn?

About 2$ a game

Can a player use two paddles in a ping pong match?


What is the most popular iron on the pro tour?


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