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China is what type of government?


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China is a communist type of government


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Type of government china has

China does not utilize the same type of government as the United States of America. I wonder what type of government China uses.

The Type of governemnt that China has is Communism The Type of government that China has is Communism

China is a communist dictatorship.

China is technically known as " The people's republic of China"

Communist puppet government subservient to China.

The government practised in China is communism. The leading coalition is communist, as well as the opposition party.

Type your answer changing there government to a dictatorship

Mao was the head of the Communist Party in China.

It is a Communist government that has recently embraced a form of capitalism.

The People's Republic of China has had many different types of government during its history. From 1780 until 1820 the country had a feudalistic government.

Today Tibet has a democratic government as it is a part of China. (socialistic)

china is a communist or oligarchy. most goverments have more than one way of ruling.

Tibet is an autonomous region of China. China is a socialist republic.

China has a communist government

China has a Communist government.

The government of China is Communist

The Ming Dynasty was replaced by the Qing in 1644

After WW2 China was in a civil war between the official nationalist republic government of Chiang Kai Shek and the communists under Mao.

China has a communist government.

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