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Chloroplast is part of lunch in a school because they feed cells food from water,sun rays and different other stuff and i hope this helped you alot so good luck :):):):):):):):)

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i would say board members but i cant really think of a reason why.

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Q: Chloroplast is compared to what in a school?
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What is chloroplast compared to?

Chloroplast is compared to a power house. Its compared to that because it provide the energy needed to function.

If our school was a cell what would the chloroplast be inside the school?

The chloroplast in our school would be food at lunch.

What can you compare a chloroplast to?

Chloroplast is compared to a power house. Its compared to that because it provide the energy needed to function.

What could chloroplast be compared to in a restaurant?

it could be compared to a stove because the stove provides electrical energy for the making of the food

What is a school analogy for chloroplast?

cafeteria worker

How is a chloroplast compared to a school?

A translator is much like a chloroplast, it listens to one person saying a language (like the suns rays, water, and other nutrients) and turns it into another language (glucose)

What can chloroplast be compared to?

You can not compare. There are no other similar things.

What part of a house is like chloroplast?

Chloroplast make food for plant. So it can be compared to a kitchen

What is chloroplast for a school?

the jelly like stuff in the cell

A major difference in RNA as compared to DNA is the presence of the base?

it is when two rhibosomes enter a chloroplast and they unite.uracil

What is an Analogy for chloroplasts in a school?

the chloroplast of a cell is what produces its food as in energy, so in a school the chloroplast can be a back up generator like a solar panel since it uses the sun to produce energy and store it.

What are 2-3 differences between the electron transport chain in the mitochondria compared to the chloroplast?

Chloroplast converts light energy into chemical energy, whereas mitochondria converts chemical energy into a different chemical energy. Chloroplast is present in plants and mitochondria is present in all cells