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Q: Choose the best definition for this term. specific heat?
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Choose the term that matches the definition heat lightning?

For a+ students answer is sheet

Choose the term that matches this definition heat energy?

For A+, it's Radiant Energy.

What is the definition of specific heat (apex)?

the amount of heat need to increase the temperature of 1 g of a substnace 1 C; also called specific heat capacity

heat lightning best definition?


What is the best definition for thermochemistry?

the study of heat absorption and heat release (:

Choose the correct formula for determining specific heat.?

(change of heat) ____________________ (change of temp)(mass)

What is a substance that has a specific heat?

Every substance has a specific heat. The definition of specific heat is: The amount of energy, usually measured in calories, needed to raise the temperature of one gram of a certain substance by one degree Celsius.

What is the definition of specific heat capacity?

The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 g of a substance by 1°C.

Which of the following would be the best material to use for making tea kettles A copper specific heat 380 B iron specific heat 450 C graphite specific heat 710 D aluminum specific heat 920?


Why specific heat capacity increase with temperature?

Specific heat capacity is by definition a per-unit-mass property. Therefore it does not depend on the mass of the substance.

Why you prefer molar specific heat as compared to the simple specific heat?

In chemistry instead mass in kg it would be nice to deal the quantity in moles. Hence molar specific heat is best fit.

Which of the following BEST describe specific heat?