Citroen xantia warning lights

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snow and sport lights

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Q: Citroen xantia warning lights
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What are the warning lights on a Citroen?

got citreon xantia with a warning light coming up which is a picture of an engine with arrows inside any ideas

Citroen xantia sport and snow lights?

on the auto. buttons are to left of gearlever, lights are on dash next to auto gearbox panel

Where can one buy a used Citroen Xantia?

One can buy a used Citroen Xantia from sites such as Auto Trader, or use the Citroen website to find details of local dealers that have used Xantias for sale.

On a citroen xantia What is the correct idle speed?

850 RPM,

What car start with letter x?

A Xantia made by Citroen

Is a p reg citroen xantia obdii?

Most probably not.

Why does your digital temperature read to high in your citroen xantia?

Normal operating temperature for your xantia is between 80 to 90.

Where can one buy a Citroen Xantia?

One can buy a Citroen Xantia on sites like Auto Trader. There are now eighteen used Xantia on the site and price ranges from 500 British pounds to 1500 British pounds depending on the model, mileage and condition.

How do you replace handbrake cable on Citroen Xantia hdi?

howe to change hand brake

What is a car skidding light on dashboard of a citroen xantia?

ABS Brakes need servicing.

Where can you get code to unlock startup code for citroen xantia V6 aut 1997?

You can get a code to unlock the start-up for a Citroen Xantia V6 Aut 1997 in the vehicle's official owner's guide. You can also check with the manufacturer to see if the code is available.

How much oil does a Citroen Xantia 1.9td take?

Just under one gallon at a basic service.

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