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City in Attica named for a goddess?


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In Attica, the city named after a goddess is Athens.


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Athens is the city-state that was named after the goddess Athena

The address of the Attica City Library is: 125 North Main, Attica, 67009 0137

The phone number of the Attica City Library is: 620-254-7767.

NO. Attica was a region of Greece. The main city state of Attica was Athens.

"Whether the goddess was named after the city or the city after the goddess is an ancient dispute" (Burkert 1985:139)

Yes- an example is Athens, after the goddess Athena.

Athens was the city Athena is patron for. It was named after her.

The city of Athens is named after Athena, goddess of wisdom and household crafts

There is no country named Attica. Attica State Prison is in Attica, New York. The word Attica is never used in the Book of Mormon. Seeing as two of these do not exist and one does, they don't really have any distinction or similarity.

Yes There Was ! Why do you think the city was named Athens ?

Athena, goddess of wisdom, who supposedly sprung to life from Zeus' forehead, was liked by the Greeks so much that they named a city after her: Athens.

Athena. Because of this gift, the city was named after her and she became its patron goddess.

The Greek city state Athens is named for Athena. This was because Athena was the patron goddess of Athens.

There was no goddess named Venas. However, there is a Roman goddess named Venus, who was the goddess of love and beauty. This goddess is named Aphrodite.

No, it is a city in Greece, named after its patron goddess Athena.

It is named after the goddess Venus (the goddess of love).

Attica was the territory of the city-state of Athens. Athens was the city, Attica stretched for 30 miles from the Saronic Gulf and port of Piraeus north to the Hermettus Mountains. The city of Athens is situated just north of Piraeus.

Athens, the city, was named for the goddess Athena, therefore they prayed and spent a lot of their time praying to the goddess Athena.

the city of balls, Greece, which was named after the greek god "Balls" (god of entertainment)

Attica is indeed a prefecture of Greece. This is the prefecture were the Capital city of Greece, Athens, belongs too.

It is named after the greek goddess Athena

Athena is the patron goddess of Athens. Athens was named after her.

It was the temple of Athena, the patron goddess of the city that was named after her.

No, the temple and city/towns were named after the Greek goddess Athena. They were named after her in remembrance to her, for favor/patronage, or for worship.

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