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Classification of Computer storage devices?


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What is the classification ofcomputer storage.


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there are 10 storage in a computer

The computer storage industry manufactures tape, magnetic, and optical storage and retrieval devices for computer systems.

Sanjay Ranade has written: 'Mass storage technologies' -- subject(s): Computer software, Computer storage devices, Optical storage devices

Input, Output & Storage Devices

These are secondary storage devices such as the hard disk

i want that holography data storage use in computer or not?

CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and Blu-Ray Discs are all optical storage devices for the computer.

The four types of computer devices are:-input devicesoutput devicesstorage devices andthe central processing unit i.e. C.P.U.

It is neither. In addition to input devices and output devices, there are devices called storage devices. The hard drive of a computer is a storage device: it contains the operating system and any data or program files used by the computer.

Secondary storage is?æthe devices for permanent storage and it is not affected if the computer is turned on or not. Secondary storage is?æmostly known as auxiliary storage or external hardware.

The five components of a computer:input devices, output devices,system unit,storage devices,and communications devices.

They hold stuff until you need it later. Computer storage devices are machines that read stored data from storage media such as CDs.

They are input devices, output devices, storage, and processing.

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The 6 main categories of Computer hardware are Input Devices, output Devices, CPU and RAM, Storage Devices, Telecommunications Devices, and Connecting Devices.

peripheral devices are the i/p & o/p devices and auxiliary storage unit of a computer system

interwebs, mass storage devices

10 storage devices of computer with points?

By making sure that your computer cannot be controlled by you, but by the virus. It spreads from many of the storage devices like CD's, Flash Drives and other temporary storage devices.

10 nos. secondary storage of computer in details

There are many computer storage devices that can be used for media storage. One can use the fixed hard disk that's inside the computer itself, or a portable hard disk external to the computer. One could also use a USB flash drive or a SD card.

The six hardware components of a computer system are the central processing unit (CPU), primary storage, secondary storage, input devices, output devices, and the communication devices. The central unit of a computer is the CPU.

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Computer memory can be classified into temporary and permanent storage. Temporary storage is referred to as RAM and this kind of memory is lost once the computer is switched off. Permanent storage is referred to as ROM.

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