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come here as son as you can

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Q: Classification of sentence according to purpose?
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According to purpose?

classification of computer

What are the classification of sentence according to form?

periodic sentence and loose or cumulative sentence

What is the classification of tests according to purpose?

i relly dont know

What are the two types of computer according to classification according to purpose?

1.Special purpose computer General Purpose Computer

What are the 4 classification of sentences according to structure?

Simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence and compound complex sentence.

What is the purpose classification?

The purpose of classification is to arrange things in groups of similar items.

Supporting sentences in a classification paragraph are used for what purpose?

They explain how to classify the objects introduced in the topic sentence into smaller groups, or they list the parts of the item introduced in the topic sentence.

How to use classification in a sentence?

My classification number was 8562.

Easy sentence for classification?

What is the classification and rating for this motor

What are the classification of computers according to application?

classification of computer according to application 1.general purpose computer :- general purpose computer are use for specific economic purpose.for instance computer are used for accounting and payrolls.pc is the best example of g.p.c. 2.specific purpose computer :- specific purpose computer are designed to solve a specific problem. for instance specific purpose computer only numeric data or to completely control automated manufacturing process.

What is classification of timber?

classification timber is based on diff rent purpose

What are the different classification of sentences according to purpose?

Sentences can be classified based on their purpose as declarative (statements), interrogative (questions), imperative (commands or requests), and exclamatory (expressing strong emotion or excitement).