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People get those sometimes before their periods. But if you are sexually active and did not use any protection recently I would buy a pregnancy test and double check. If you are young then it could just be random. I would say between 13 and 16.

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Q: Clear discharge instead of period
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What does it mean when you get clear stretchy discharge instead of your period?

Possible pregnancy

What does clear discharge instead of a period mean?

It means you haven't gotten your period yet. A clear discharge is generally normal.

Is clear discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Clear discharge is a sign of---vaginal health! Discharge is never, ever a reliable sign for pregnancy. The only mostly reliable connection with discharge is to ovulation, when the discharge thickens.

What are the colors of your first sign of your period?

Well, at first it can be clear discharge for up to a year. Then, when you get brown discharge you get the real deal after about 4 months.

Is it normal to have clear discharge after your period?

Yes. This is perfectly normal and you shouldn't worry about it. Its actually normal to have it until your next period starts!

Why do girls have clear stuff on there underwear?

The clear stuff that i sin girls underwear is called discharge. It comes before your period, its perfectly normal.

If you have never had a period and usually have clear white discharge which have had for ten months two days ago it turned brown and don't know if it is the period or just discharge?

Yes, that brown discharge is the start of your first period. It may be brown, red, or a bit orange-colored. All of these are normal.

What if your period isn't bloody but its clear and gooey?

That isn't actually your period. It's actually discharge. It's normal for kids from 9+ to get it. But if the discharge becomes green or smells, see a doctor-it could be an infection

Can a girl have heavey vaginal discharge instead of a period every month?

No it does come before and after though

Do you get discharge if you have not had your period?

Yes. You get discharge before you get your period.

What does it mean if your period is late but you feel like your on it but all it's just clear white liquid?

don't worry all it is is discharge every women has it when there not on there period

What are some things that happen to a girl when she is about to have her period?

you get discharge ( white or clear gooey substance) and sometimes your stomach hurts, and you can get cramps