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Where is the current Irish Rugby team coach from?

Joe Schmidt, the head coach of Ireland in 2017, is from New Zealand.

Which team won the first rugby world cup?

The 1987 Rugby World Cup was the first Rugby World Cup. The tournament was hosted by New Zealand and Australia in 1987 and was won by New Zealand.

Who is the current team manager of the scottish rugby team?

Vern Cotter is the current team manager of the Scottish rugby team. He is from New Zealand, and the former head coach of the French team Clermont.

Who is Scotland's rugby team captain and coach?

Jason White is the current Scotland rugby team and their coach is Duncan Hodge.

Who is the coach of the scottish rugby team?

The coach of Scotland's national rugby team is Englishman Andy Robinson. He was appointed in 2009.

Who is the coach for Namibia rugby team?

Johan Diergaardt - Coach

Name of New zealand 's rugby union team?

The New Zealand Rugby team is called The All Blacks.

What is the name of the New Zealand women's rugby team?

the New Zealand Women's Rugby Union team is nicknamed the Black Ferns.

Captains of New Zealand rugby teams?

the captain of the New Zealand Rugby union team the All Blacks is Richie McCaw and the captain of the New Zealand Rugby League team is Simon Mannering

How long was grahm Henry the coach of wales?

He was coach of the Welsh rugby team from 1998 until 2003, in between two periods when he coached the New Zealand All Blacks.

Who is the coach of the leinster rugby team?

... Joe Schmidt: Head Coach

Who is the coach of Argentina rugby team?

Argentina coach Marcelo Loffreda

Who is the current coach for the England Rugby union team?

The current coach for the England Rugby team is Bernie McDuffin. A 5 star rugby player whose career spiked in 1985. He has been coach for three years.

A famous rugby player in New Zealand rugby team?

Dan Carter

Does the New Zealand rugby union team have a siver fern or kiwi as their emblem?

The silver fern. The New Zealand rugby league team is known as the Kiwis

Who is the coach of the English rugby team?

Martin Johnson

Who is the coach of the Australian rugby team?

Roobie Deans

Did mick Doyle coach the barbarians rugby team?


What is the coach of the rugby team Ireland?

Declan Kidney.

Who is the coach of the newzealand rugby team?

Steve Henson

What the one major soccess of New Zealand?

New Zealand gave women the vote as early as 1893. New Zealand has a successful Rugby Union team which won the sport's World Cup in 1987.

Who is the current coach of the Springbok rugby team?

Heyneke Meyer is the current coach of the South African rugby team the Springboks. Meyer replaced former coach Peter de Villiers. Meyer was the former coach of the Blue Bells.

What has New Zealand achieved in rugby?

New Zealand won the very first world cup in 1987. They have won the Tri-Nations Cup the most times out of anyone (10 or 11 times) and have been anounced by the International Rugby Board as the worlds best rugby team.

Who are the best rugby team ever?

New Zealand

New Zealand rugby team?

The All Blacks