Rugby is a version of football with complex rules. Not for the weak of heart, rugby is played without pads or helmets. Ask questions about rugby rules, teams and records here.

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Math and Arithmetic

How long is 80 minutes?

80 minutes is equivalent to 1 hour and 20 minutes.


What does TBC on sporting fixtures mean?

TBC = To Be Confirmed.

This is usually placed against a fixture that is planned but may have to be cancelled for other reasons i.e. A more important game may occur if a team wins a qualifier for instance

Rugby World Cup

How has auckland prepared for the rugby world cup?

Improvements to the transport netowrk, additional camping areas for travelling supporters, food establishments have taken on extra staff as have pubs etc. Hotles have increased staff as many are fully booked, additional staff in in the emergancy services in the event of issues the gound has been overhauled to cope with higher usages.


Is Stephen Jones the rugby player married?

No but Stephen Jones has a son, Seb Joseff Jones, who was born to his fiancé Gwen at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, on 8 July 2011


How big is a size 5 rugby ball?

27 cm (11 in) long and 60 cm (24 in) in circumference

Salary and Pay Rates
Rugby Union

How much do female rugby union player make?

Female rugby players don't gane any money they usually have a job.


What are the names of the Namibian Rugby players?


Heini Bock, Tertius Losper


Melrick Africa, John Drotsky, Deon Mouton, Ryan Witbooi


Lu-Wayne Botes, Du Preez Grobler, Emile Wessels


Morné Schreuder


Eugene Jantjies, Jurie van Tonder

Number 8

Jacques Burger, Jacques Nieuwenhuis


Tinus du Plessis, Herman Lintvelt, Michael MacKenzie


Nico Esterhuyse, Domingo Kamongo, Uakazuwaka Kazombiaze, Heino Senekal


Hugo Horn,Bradley Langenhoven, Johannes Meyer, Piet van Zyl


Jané du Toit, Kees Lensing, Johnny Redelinghuys, Marius Visser


Dawid Hakkies Husselmann


Who is the tallest rugby player who still plays?

It appears to be as of 2013;

Devin Toner of Ireland at 6ft 11in

Richie Gray of Scotland at 6ft 10in

Luke Chartris of Newport Dragons and Wales at 6 feet 9

6ft8 lock Andries Bekker SA

Chris Thomson 6ft 8 Australian

Rugby Union

Which rugby team play in pink?

Teams usually play in pink to support cancer charities like the Cardiff Blues and Newcastle Falcons who both gave money from the sales of the shirts to cancer charities although french side Stade Francais have worn pink shirts but not for cancer reaserch.


What was the longest rugby match ever played?

As of 2013 the longest rugby match ever is 24 hours and 51 minutes. The game was played between Scotty's Little Soldiers and Armed Forces XV with a final score of 1,742 - 828 in favour of the Armed Forces squad. The match raised over £60,000 for charity.


What do we call referee in rugby?

If you listen to the crowd they have a range of names for the referee and other match officials. However, the ref is the referee and as a group they are refereed to as the match officials.


Is benji marshall gay?

Benji Marshall is definitely not gay. His girlfriend's name is Zoe Balbi and they have been together for many years.


How many minutes each half for rugby?

40 minutes per half

Rugby League
Rugby Union

What is the difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union?

The main difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union lies in what happens in the tackle situation. In Union when a player is tackled (Their progress is physically halted by the opposition) the ball is recycled by a ruck (if the ball is on the ground) or by a maul (if the ball is held up off the ground). One recycling of the ball is called a phase and there is no limit to the number of phases as long as a team keeps possesssion of the ball. In League when a player with the ball is tackled the referee will halt play and it is restarted when the tackled player stands, places the ball on the ground and rakes it back with his foot to the player (dummy-half) behind them. The opposition must retreat 10 metres from the play-of the-ball except for two markers who line up in front of the player of the ball. The team in possession can recycle the ball 5 times in this manner but if they are tackled with the ball a 6th time then the ball is handed over to the opposition.

In rugby union the shoulder charge is illegal, players must use their arms in a tackle, whereas in rugby league a shoulder charge is a legitmate form of tackle. In rugby league a tackle stops play but in rugby union play continues with a ruck or maul where players from either side lock together and push against those of the other side for territorial advantage or for better position over the ball. This requires players to be bound together (holding on to each other), this is why they must use their arms in the tackle.

Another significant difference is what happens when the ball goes into touch (the ball crosses the sideline, leaving the field of play). In Union play is restarted with a lineout whereas in League play is restarted with a scrum. A lineout means players of each side stand in line perpendicular to the sideline and next to one another and the ball is pitched from the sideline up between the 2 lines. Players jump up for possession of the ball. There can be up to eight players per team involved in the lineout, the number is determined by the team throwing in. A scrum is the locking of a group of players from each side and their pushing as a team against the group from the other team. As the ball is dropped down between the 2 teams on the ground, each side pushes against the other in order that the ball passes under their feet to their half-back/scrum half.

If the ball is forced in goal by the defending team then a drop-kick is taken to restart play in both codes, however in rugby league the drop-kick is taken from the goal line but in rugby it is taken from the 22 metre line. In rugby union, if the ball is carried into the in-goal area by the defending team and then forced or put dead (over the dead ball line or into touch in the in-goal area) then a scrum is awarded to the attacking team 5 metres from the goal line.

Number-wise: a Rugby Union team consists of 15 players and a Rugby League team has 13 players (eliminating the two flankers from the side of the scrum).

Rugby Union points: a try is worth 5 points, a conversion is 2 points, a penalty goal is 3 points and a drop-goal is 3 points.

Rugby League points: a try is worth 4 points, a conversion is 2 points, a penalty goal is 2 points and a drop-goal is 1 point.

rugby union differences from league (rules)

Union: unlimited tackles, League: 6 before turn over

Union: pass the ball along the ground to dummy half, League: get up and roll under foot.

Union: when ball is kicked out there is throw ins. League: either team can receive another set of 6 depending on what's happened.

Union: 5 point try, 7 if converted, 2 point field goal, 3 point penalty goal. (Field goal is 3 points)

League: 4 point try, 6 if converted, 1 point field goal, 2 point penalty goal.

Roughly 2 more people on field at once in union than league. Numbers for positions are different.

Rugby Union is more tactical than Rugby League and there is more room for error.

there are many more differences than people think and to many to list.

Rugby Union restarts with a scrum or a lineout. Rugby League restart normally with a dummy scrum or a tap and play.

Rugby union has rucks and mauls. Rugby League restart after a tackle with a dummy scrum

Rugby Union has 15 players. Rugby League has 13. Rugby League has 2 forwards less than union. The flank or loose forwards numbers 6 &7.

League and union forwards use their physicality in different ways; league forwards act more as individuals while union forwards combine to work as a unit. Union forwards expend more energy at the tackle-ball situation and at set piece (scrum and lineout) and league forwards take more hit-ups and make more tackles.


Who has had the most international rugby red cards?

Jamie Heaslip


How can fair play be promoted in rugby?

As in all sports there is a level of gamesmanship. However, the game has very little issue with fair play. The iRB and the home boards have taken great strides in cracking down on issue of unfair play. In a recent case the RFU (England board) banned a player for using fake blood to make it look like an opponent hit him

Football - Soccer

Why is a soccer field bigger than a rugby field?

It isn't. People think it is because when the people show the football pitch, it looks bigger. When it's the rugby pitch they show it at the side so it looks smaller than a football pitch. From :)

Rugby League

Where do Ireland play rugby?

Assuming its union then Lansdown Road (Aviva Stadium) as of 06/11/2010

The league team played last at leinsters ground


Is rugby more popular than football?

If you are referring to soccer then as yet its not quite. However, there are huge changes in the fan base as more people look to the game from a player and fan perspective.


Are rugby players required to wear helmets?

The only head gear allowed is either a scum cap, which is made of a soft sponge like material or a head band normally made of adhesive bandage. The IRB do not allow hard helmets as in some other sports. There is NO regulation making the wearing of scrum caps obligatory


What is another name for a rugby players jockstrap?

Supporter or suspensor

. Most players now wear swimming trunks due to the fact that they offer greater coverage if shorts are torn or pulled down


Is rugby easy or difficult to learn?

Its easy to learn the rules, but diffcult to play.


Where are the tallest rugby goal posts in the world?

Wednesbury Rugby Club is a rugby union club based in Wednesbury, West Midlands, UK. It was founded in 1921 and is the home of the world's record braking tallest rugby posts.

Fabricated from steel tube by Irvon steel in the West Midlands and then galvanized Wednesbury Rugby Club's world record breaking posts are 38.26m high above the ground.


What is the ball you play rugby with called?

Its called "A Rugby Ball" simple as that - There are different manufactures of these balls but they are all a rugby ball


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