Cocaine laced joints effects are they like smoking crack?

Yes, but only slighty because the pot probably has more of an effect than the coke. ^^^The answer above is mostly incorrect. See the blurb below to give you a little better idea of what a cocaine laced joint actually does...if anything, it's just exposing you to harmful chemicals rather than having any sort of "high" effect. Sometimes cocaine powder is also smoked. A small part of the cocaine gets into the blood through the lungs, which gives a short but heavy effect. Cocaine powder has a melting temperature of 197 o C. When the temperature gets higher the cocaine powder could evaporate and be smoked, but when it reaches that temperature the cocaine powder falls apart and/or burns. That is why cocaine powder can actually not be smoked. Even before it evaporates, it is no longer cocaine. So, most cocaine is lost by smoking, and only a small portion reaches the lungs. Smoking cocaine powder can cause small amounts of burned cocaine to get into the airways or the lungs. Moreover, other substances that are set free during the burning can reach the lungs and cause damage. Anyway, the lungs are well protected because the throat and airways bear the brunt of the damage. However, when the symptoms persist, please consult a doctor.