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first continental congress

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Q: Colonists reacted to the unfairness of the Coercive Acts by organizing the?
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Initially the Powhatan Indians reacted to the Virginia colonists by?

The Powhatan Native Americans reacted to the Virginia colonists by attempting to kill them all.

How the colonists reacted to the writs of assistance?

they were very mad

To punish the city of Boston for its infamous tea party parlianment passed the?

The Coercive Acts which were called The "Intolerable Acts." by the colonists. The first: Boston Port bill, closed the port of Boston, Administration of Justice Act, The Massachusetts Government Act, Quartering Act, The Quebec Act.

Why did Britain pass the Intolerable Acts?

The Intolerable or Coercive Acts were designed to whip the colonies back into compliance with the rules and regulations mandated by the British Parliament. They did this to punish Massachusetts by closing the port of Boston until tea was paid for them this had happened 1774. After Great Britain passed the Tea Act, which was a tax on imported tea, the colonists reacted very negatively. After the Boston Tea Party, in which thousands of dollars of tea was wastefully dumped into the sea, Great Britain passed the intolerable acts- also known as the coercive acts. The Intolerable acts allowed British troops to stay quartered in the Colonies, and also closed the Boston Port until the tea damages were repaid.

How did the American colonists reacted to the stamp act?

They Rioted and Looted and Ate Peaches and Smoked GillyWeed

What explains how Benjamin Franklin reacted to the Stamp Act when he learned the colonists were so angry about it?

i need help

How did the colonists reacted to the quartering act of 1765?

The colonists did not react well tot he Quartering Act of 1765. They refused to provide British troops with shelter and food as they were told to do.

Colonists reacted to the passage of the Tea Act by?

The colonists protested the passage of the Tea Act. One infamous event was the Boston Tea Party, in which protesters destroyed a shipment of tea.

How did the colonists rests when the Parliament took over the assemblies power to tax?

They reacted like a black man with fried chicken

What if king george iii had reacted to the letter the colonists sent him?

If King George III had reacted differently, there probably wouldn't have been a war. Therefore, there might not even be a United States because we'd still be ruled by Great Britain.

How did the stamp act angered the colonist how the reacted to it?

The colonists were required to pay for a stamp when they bought paper products, and the colonists felt that it violated their rights. So they published a series of resolutions stating that the stamp act violated their rights.

What describes the way Western European leaders reacted to Christopher Columbus's journey to the Caribbean?

They quickly began sending their own explorers and colonists to the Americas.