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Power plants that burn fossil fuels and nuclear power plants are very similar in their manner of creating steam. The main difference between the two types of power plants are that fossil fuel plants emit more pollution.

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Q: Compare a power plant that burns fossil fuels with a nuclear power plant?
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How do you compare fossil fuels and nuclear fuels?

Fossil fuels are made from decayed fossil material found below the surface of the Earth. Nuclear fuel is made from generating nuclear fission or fusion.

Are fossil fuels or nuclear fuels cheaper?

fossil fuels

What problems harnessed nuclear energy from fossil fuels?

Nuclear energy does not come from fossil fuels

What percentage of electrical energy generated in the US is produced by fossil of nuclear fuels?

There is no such thing as a "fossil of nuclear fuels".

What are the differences between fossil fuels and nuclear fuels?

fossil fuel is made by the nature and nuclear fuel is not made by the nature

Why is combustion not useful?

It burns fossil fuels

Does fossil fuels get its energy from nuclear fusion?


How does nuclear energy differ from fossil fuels?

nuclear energy gives out less waste, no carbon dioxide and is cheaper than fossil fuels

What are the advances of burning fossil fuels over nuclear fuels?

Nuclear fuels are extremely dangerous and the station could explode.

What do fossil fuels nuclear energy and machines have in common?

Both fossil fuels and nuclear energy can be used to make electricity, which is used to power machines.

What is the difference between fossil fuels and nuclear fission?

Fossil fuels are coal, oil, natural gas. Nuclear fission requires uranium or plutonium.

What fuels are not fossil fuels?

There are lots of non-fossil fuels, fossil fuels are non-renewable, other fuels such as wind power or water power are renewable meaning they can be replaced, nuclear power and wood are also non-fossil fuels.

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