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Una is the true faith-a symbol of truth and faithfulness. Una enlists RCK's help to defeat the monster and free her parents.

Duessa is the false church and is associated with the House of Pride which protrays all of the corruption in the world (there are fallen princes there). Duessa is used to lead Redcrosse astray and thus to prevent him from finishing his quest.

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Q: Compare and contrast role of Lady Una and Lady Duessa in Faerie Queene?
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How did Duessa appear in the faerie queene?

Duessa appears to Redcrosse as beautiful, but the others characters see her as ugly. She represent the "false" church and tempts Redcrosse. She is a manifestation as high lust, thus spiritual damnation. Duessa claims the highest lineage and makes herself queen, so she is not a good character. Duessa is Una's foil.

Is the faerie queene an allegory?

Yes, the Faerie Queene is an allegory. It is also considered to be a romantic epic poem. It was written by Spenser.

Writer of the faerie queene?

Edmund Spenser wrote The Faerie Queen in 1590.

Who wote The Faerie Queene?

Edmund Spencer

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What is the name of a character in The Faerie Queene?

Una, Mab,

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For what two works is Spenser most famous?

The Faerie Queene and Amoretti

What happens in the faerie queene at the end of book 3?

britomort kills everyone

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What book on chivalry that fraternity members read?

Read Edmund Spenser's 'The Faerie Queene', that should do the trick.

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Who is Edmund spenser?

Edmund Spenser is a writer around the Renaissence time period whose most famos book is The Faerie Queene

Edmund spenser as a poet?

Edmund Spenser most famously wrote The Faerie Queene, an epic poem in honor of Queen Elizabeth I.

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Abbie Findlay Potts has written: 'Shakespeare and The faerie queene' -- subject(s): Sources

In Spenser's Faerie Queene where does Una's lamb go?

In Spencer's "Faerie Queen", the only references to the lamb is that it is accompanying its mistress on the journey. The group was driven into a cave by the storm. Spencer uses the lamb as a symbol of Una's innocence.

What country is the name brianna from?

The name Brianna is the female version of Brian, which is an old name that comes from Ireland. The name can be found in 'The Faerie Queene' by Edmund Spenser.

What is The Faerie Queene about?

She's the leader of all of the faeries. She is usually bigger than the rest and lives in a sacred place such as a creek. For more information visit the link below.

Why Spenser is called as a poet of sonnets?

Spenser is usually called The Poets' Poet. This is mainly because Spenser uses a very complex rimescheme (the Spenserian Stanza) and delivers a very leisurely poem (The Faerie Queene) which takes its time to present an ornate and highly decorative storyline with complex allegories and symbolism, and many figures of speech. Critics assume that 'ordinary' readers are usually more interested in character, plotline, and locale: but all of these are secondary considerations in The Faerie Queene, where the beauty of the versification and the language are clearly what Spenser is most interested in. So the assumption is that The Faerie Queene will appeal mainly to readers who are more interested in language than in what is being said. Which makes Spenser The Poets' Poet.

Which description is an example of an allegory?

b. William Spenser's The Faerie Queene follows the quests of several knights who seek to better themselves, but it symbolically gives honor to Queen Elizabeth I and her kingdom.