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They are both insects although one is social in many species, but their life-cycle is otherwise very similar - egg, grub, pupa, adult. Depending on species, one cycle can be from a few weeks to many months in either case. More details depends a great deal on precisely what species you are considering as differences in life cycle between some bee species are as great as between some bees and butterflies. they are both insects that pass through metamorphosis, but then all insects go through metamorphosis.

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Compare the life cycle of a butterfly and a bee?

Butterflies start out as caterpillars and hatch from the chrysalis as an adult. Bees are born from eggs and go through complete metamorphosis.

What is the difference between the life cycle of a butterfly and a bee?

bees are not in a cocoon so that's the different

How many life cycle does a bee have?


What are 3 other examples of animals with similar life cycles as the cockroach?

3 animals with similar life cycles of the cockroach are the butterfly, the bee and the ladybug. Any member of the Insecta class will have a similarly life cycle.

What is the bumblebees life cycle?


How many life cycle stages does a bee have?


How many stages does the life cycle of a bee have?


How many stages are there in the life cycle of the bee?


What are the differences between a butterfly and a honey bee?

The butterfly does not belong to a colony, but the bee is part of a hive.

How many stages are there in the life cycle of a bee?

you can go suck me balls

What are the three stages in a honeybees life cycle?

egg larve bee

Does a butterfly compete for food with a honey bee?

No, a butterfly does not compete for food with a honey bee. There is usually enough nectar for both of them.

Which of the following lives in a cocoon as part of its life cycle a moth a mollusk or a bee?

a moth

What is the sequence for development of the honey bee?

the life cycle is egg , grub , puppa , adult

What is a bee motto?

There is a few different bee motto's. The most popular bee motto is "float like a butterfly sting like a bee".

What type of animals pollinate flowers?

Carpenter Bee Humming Bird Honey Bee Andrena Bees Monarch Butterfly Zebra-Striped Butterfly Moths

What insect looks like butterfly and dragonfly and bee?

An insect that looks like a butterfly, a dragonfly, and a bee is likely what is called an American lady butterfly. They are usually found in the North American Midwest such as Kansas and Oklahoma.

What celebrity coined a phrase that included the words like a bee?

Muhammad Ali: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Has characteristics of a butterfly and resembles a bee but without a stinger?

That would probably by a bumble bee moth.

What is a pollen producer?

A bee or butterfly is an example. Or a flower...

What is a four winged hairy insect?

a bee or butterfly.

What is the Romantic element emphasized in this section of text The bee is not afraid of you you know the butterfly?

The Romantic Element emphasized in "The bee is not afraid of you, you know the butterfly" is a love of and reverence for nature.

Social insects that produce sweet liquid from flower nectar it isn't bumble bee or bee or butterfly?

bumble bee its honey.

What is the name of Muhammad Alis autobiography?

"Float Like a Bee and Sting Like a Butterfly" By Muhammad Ali The correct answer is actually "Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee"

How do you say butterfly in Korean?

Nahby (Nabi, Na-bee)

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