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Q: Compared to the Rocky Mountains the Appalachian Mountains are much?
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Compared to the Rocky Mountains the Appalachian Mountains are much -?


How do the Rocky Mountains differ from the Appalachian mountains?

the rocky mountains are much more younger than the Appalachians mountains so that is how they are different

How are the Appalachian mountains smaller than the rocky mountains?

Hundreds of millions of years ago, the Appalachian Mountains were as tall as the Rocky Mountains. Rain, snow, and sleet slowly wore them down into much lower peaks.

Why are the Appalachian Mountains more rounded and lower than the Rocky Mountains?

Because they are a much older mountain range.

How much of the US is drained by the Mississippi River system?

Most of the area between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains.

Similarities between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian mountains?

not much. the Appalachian mountains are old eroded mountains with not much left to them but the rockies have tall sharp jagged peaks that rise above the tree line some above 14,000 ft above sea level

What mountain range is longer - Appalachian or Rockies?

The Rocky Mountain Range is much longer than the Appalachian Mountain Range. The Rocky Mountains cover 3,000 miles while the Appalachians only cover 1,500.

How did the Rocky Mountains form?

The Rocky Mountains formed from the collision of the North American and Pacific plates, & uplifting areas of crust to form mountains. They started rising about 80 million years ago. Science, Continental - Continental where 100 million years ago where these two Earth crust collided together and after a while it started building up, and eventually became a mountain. The Rocky Mountains formed west to east, as based on geological evidence. The Appalachian Mountains formed from east to west, again based on geological evidence. The Appalachian Mountains are much older than The Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains contains rock sediments proven to be from The Appalachian Mountains.

Which mountains are older the Appalachian mountains of PA the green mountains of VT or the White mountains of NH?

Pretty hard to say given that they are all the same chain of mountains that run down the East of the United States. They are all part of the Appalachian Mountains and are much older than the Rocky Mountains.

Why are the peaks of the rocky mountains are higher and more jagged than the Appalachian mountains because?

The Appalachian mountains are about 400-500 million years old and have thus been eroded down. The Rocky mountains are very young (they are still being built) and are therefore much higher and jagged as the forces of erosion have not yet had time to grind them away.

The peaks of the Rocky Mountains are higher and more jagged than the peaks of the Appalachian Mountains because?

The Appalachians are much older and have therefore been exposed to much more weathering and erosion.

Which mountains are higher in the US Appalachian Mountains or the Rocky Mountains?

The rockies are much higher. the highest point in the Appalachian is in NC Mount Mitchell - 6,684 feetwhile the highest point in the Rocky mountains is in Colorado Mount Elbert - 14,433 feet But this is not the highest point in the lower 48. That would be in the sierra Nevada range in California Mount Whitney - 14,494 feet

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