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Acute health risk is a risk upon short-term exposure and chronic health risk is as a result of long-term (prolonged) exposure.

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Q: Comparison between acute health risk and chronic health risk?
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Does having an acute or chronic disease improve your health?

no it doesn't

Difference between chronic and acute PEM?

Acute is a relatively new occurrence Chronic has been happening for an extended period of time.

What are the similarities between acute and chronic inflammation?

by the way.

Is polio chronic?

The disease of polio is generally not chronic in nature. The effects of the disease, however, can have lifelong and major health consequences.

How Do I Know If My Pain is Acute or Chronic?

Both acute and chronic pain are significant health issues in the United States. In fact, chronic pain was estimated to have cost over half a billion dollars in lost productivity and medical services in 2012 alone.

What is the difference between acute ulcerative gingivitis and herpetic stomatitis?

difference bt chronic n acute gingivitis

If you are over-exposed to a chemical and a while later as a result you experience damage to your central nervous system what type of health effect is this Acute or Chronic?


What is the difference between Acute and Chronic Stress?

the Chronic Stress is due to the heridital tendency or it caused by the anxity depression andf the acute stress means that a lot of time past to that disease

Is cholera acute or chronic disease?

Acute disease

What is the difference between chronic poison exposure and acute poison exposure?

chronic poison exposure is being exposed to poison alot. acute poison exposure is being exposed to poison a little bit. im no expert on poison, i just know what the words acute and chronic mean

Is osteoporosis acute or chronic?

chronic disease

What are the two form of bronchiti s?

Acute and chronic. Acute is short term and chronic is ongoing.