Compliance in a sentence

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Compliance is the act of complying with a command or obeying a command. The factory was in compliance with all safety regulations.

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Q: Compliance in a sentence
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How do you use compliance in a sentence?

There are quite a few ways you could use the word compliance in a sentence. You could say that someone was in compliance with the law.

How could you use compliance in a sentence?

Teachers expect compliance from their students.

A sentence for compliance?

'In order to become a member of the organization, compliance with its rules is required.' The word compliance is a noun.

How do you use the word compliance in a sentence?

Without your compliance, we cannot guarantee your safety.

Use word compliance in a sentence?

The teacher forced compliance within the student body.

What is a sentence using compliance?

Compliance with our new manufacturing regulations is enforced by stiff penalties for those who fail to adhere to them.

How do you spell possessive business in the following sentence What if your businesses non-compliance is discovered?

The sentence would be "What if your businesses' non-compliance is discovered?" which refers to more than one business. If there was only one business involved, it would be "What if your business's non-compliance is discovered?"

If convicted of non compliance on parole what's the punishment?

It depends on what the violation or non compliance involves. It could result in no sanction at all or confinement for the remainder of sentence.

How could you use Compliance in a sentace?

When the man refused to take his medicines, he was not in compliance with doctor's orders.Teachers demand students' compliance for courteous classroom behavior.Compliance means acting in agreement with, even if you disagree or dislike doing it.

What is the difference between Compliance To and Compliance With?

It is compliance with (not to).

Can you make a meaningful sentence using the word legitimate?

legitimate = Being in compliance with the law.Gambling is not a legitimate way to make money.

Should you use is or are in the following sentence you understand that compliance with Walgreen's policies and procedures is your responsibilities?

are, that makes more sense tbh

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